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  • Ethical Responsibilities Of Multinational Corporations

    Ethical Responsibilities of Multinational Corporations Sourcing from Countries with Poor Human Rights Protections Within business today, there is a growing trend of multinational corporations actually sourcing from countries that are, for one reason or another, disadvantaged. However, although many of these countries might be disadvantaged in some way, it can, and frequently does, work in favor of the business itself. One of the most salient of these examples is that of multinational businesses operating within countries that have poor human rights protections. In these situations, there are a number of negative consequences that can arise, such as exploitation of workers, forcing them to work for extremely low pay, employing child laborers, excluding workers altogether, and a number of others. Therefore, there are many who argue that these corporations that work within these countries have an ethical responsibility to broadly improve the human rights protections of these countries beyond what is merely practical from a business standpoint. This is a sound idea, for reasons that will be examined in greater depth here. There are also a large number of options that are available to achieve these goals, which will also be examined. For starters, it can be argued that all businesses have a moral obligation to better society in some way for the sole reason that it is the right thing to do. More specifically, though, these businesses are some of the few entities, aside from…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Multinational Corporations

    Many Global Organizations have a reputation of unfair practices regarding the treatment of their employees when it comes to environmental issues and social responsibility. It appears that the reason for this is there are no real ties to any one local organization or party. “This criticism of multinationals is valid to a point, but it must be remembered that no corporation can successfully operate without regard to local social, labor, and environmental standards, and that multinationals in large…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Multinational Corporations

    Multinational Corporation may be defined as enterprise that operate and has its assets and other facilities in more than one country than their home countries. However in most cases, such companies have offices or industries in different nations and normally have a centralized main office where all the global management is coordinated. The major distinguishing factor of the large multinationals corporations is that their budgets exceed those of many small countries. The major multinational…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of A Multinational Corporation

    "Multinational corporations do control. They control the politicians. They control the media. They control the pattern of consumption, entertainment, thinking. They're destroying the planet and laying the foundation for violent outbursts and racial division." (Quotes on MNC, Brainy quotes) But, what is a multinational Corporation? A multinational Corporation, also called an MNC, is a corporation that has its facilities and assets in at least one country other than its home country(Multinational…

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  • The Multinational Company Is Growing In Globalisation Case Study

    The multinational company is growing in globalisation. Why, globalisation procuring opportunity and threat. Therefore, manager should correct decision. Firstly, manager should introduction strength, weakness, opportunity and threat in the company. Manager has to identify the human nature and uses some methods that can cause to be a friend of his employees. This situation results in higher performance because the employees are compelled to love to the company and try to do their best in the…

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  • Environmental Injustice In 'Dumping In Dixie'

    chosen for toxic waste dumps in the US (Carder, E. n.d). Today with the globalization of multi-national corporations and foreign direct investment (FDI), it has evolved into a world issue of unequal environmental damage between developed and undeveloped nations. Moral questions are being raised concerning…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Trade Globalization

    The topic that I’m writing about is concentrated around globalization. More specifically trade globalization in the form of MNC’s, also known as multinational corporations. A multinational corporation is a company that is whose headquarters are located in one country but has subsidiaries of itself located in another country, thus making it a multi-national country. According to Kwan Choi, multinational companies arise because capital is more mobile than labor, and since cheap labor and raw…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Human Trafficking

    According to Todres (2013), human trafficking is “the recruitment, transportation,” or transfer of people, using fear, coercion, or deceit, “for the purpose of exploitation” (para. 3). In other words, human trafficking is modern-day slavery. Although human trafficking is a global problem, labor and commercial sex trafficking is practiced domestically in the United States, which is influenced by consumer choices and the anti-trafficking policies of corporations. In 2000, the Trafficking Victims…

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  • Hr Practices Of Us Multinationals In Denmark Case Study

    My suggestion is for us to examine the HR practices of U.S multinationals in Denmark. According to Ferner (1997), there appears to be limited amount of research discussing the systematic differences in which a particular MNC of a given nationality (e.g., United States) manages its human resources. However, there are some generalizations made from these body of research. For example, one such generalization is that there are some human resource management/industrial relations issues that tend…

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  • Walmart Positive And Negative Impact

    Walmart is one of the largest multinational corporations, consolidated revenue reached $485.7 billion, an increase of $9.4 billion, or 2.0 percent. Currency exchange rate fluctuations negatively impacted revenue by $5.3 billion and constant currency revenue was up $491 billion. E-commerce sales globally rose approximately 22 percent for the year, to $12.2 billion (Walmart Inc., 2016). Walmart has had a positive and negative effect on the community. The corporation can sell their merchandise at a…

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