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  • The Pros And Cons Of The International Trade Organization

    The origin of the world trade organization goes way back to 1947 as the original intention was to create a third another institution that could handle the trade side of international economic cooperation. 50 countries were in participation to create the International Trade Organization (ITO) which would be an specialized agency of the unaired nations. The main purpose was to create the ITO at a UN conference on trade and employment in Havana, Cuba in 1947. However 15 countries were in talks on December 1945 to decrease and attach custom tariffs. With the second world war freshly ending, there was an urgency to enhance trade liberalization, and begin to improve the traditions of protectionist measures that was passed on from the 1930s. The…

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  • Intertwined Organizations In The Field Of International Development And Foreign Relations

    The field of International Development and Foreign Relations is an interesting and complex area in the study of politics and public policy. In this paper, I will discuss three very different but intertwined organizations. Walmart, the Center of Global Development, and the United States Agency on International Development are not commonly associated, however they all play a major role in global policy. This paper is going to show how each organization is interrelated in the field of global…

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  • The Structure And Functions Of The International Organization

    International organizations are relatively new entities in the international system, dating back to the second half of the nineteenth century. However, in this short time period, all of the international system (and thus international law) has interaction with international organizations during the execution of the functions of a nation-state. According to Dr. Mark Janis of the University of Connecticut and Oxford, “…International organizations are creatures of international agreement…

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  • Nongovernmental Organizations: Amnesty International

    become involved in the international arena as a result of global problems that require more than just a single state 's response. There has been a wide variety of new problems that need to be addressed due to the nature of an increasingly globalized world that is becoming more interconnected every day. These problems include the formation of and the worldwide fallout caused by terrorist groups, dangerous disease epidemics spreading past state borders, a massive influx of refugees from around the…

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  • Cultural Diversity In International Organizations

    Consultants convey the new knowledge to their clients and innovation of companies will also be obstacles. Many consultants use existing knowledge to help their clients to solve problems. Whilst clients could not accept that the knowledge of consulting companies is older than theirs (Sturdy, 2006). Then, monitor and mobilise employees as well as improve the team cohesion are the difficulties for multinational consulting firms. In some cases, when consulting companies cooperate with international…

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  • Organization XYZ International Case Study

    The Organization: - The Organization XYZ International is presently into “app” making business. It has developed various apps based on Android, Windows and iOS. It is a start-up with a management team of 3 people, 2 business analysts, a development team of 10 people and a testing team of 5 people. The apps made by this company are well known in the market. But they need attention of the investors and also of people of age group 18-30 years (the largest app user segment). The Innovation: - A…

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  • Banister International: HR Organization Review And Assessment

    HR Organization Review/Assessment My Anh Le HR Management Marina Davis November 13, 2016 Banister International is an executive recruiting and consulting firm that has between 20-50 employees and approximate revenue of $2,000,000. The CEO Patrick Sylvester and his daughters’ frequent the salons I manage which gave me the opportunity to briefly speak to him about his company while his daughters were getting serviced. This diverse company has a list of talented, experienced and…

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  • Arguments Against Human Trafficking

    The United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), and the European Council have implemented many international documents; these have established a way to incriminate human trafficking crime. (Cochintu, Stoicu, & Tutunaru, 2011). Currently, the United Nations (UN) has numerous regional programs and agencies that are working together to fight against human trafficking. Since these programs are working with the UN, they are all International Governmental Organizations. Intergovernmental…

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  • Human Rights Watch (HRW): The International Non-Governmental Organization

    Human Rights Watch The International Non-Governmental Organization I have chosen is named Human Rights Watch (HRW), which is a non-profit institution that was established in 1978 with its headquarters located in New York City. Human Rights Watch has approximately 400 staff members of “human rights professionals” (Human Rights Watch, 2015) disbursed throughout the world that include “country specialists, lawyers, journalists, advocates, and academics of diverse backgrounds and nationalities”…

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  • Comparison Social Work

    A Comparison of Social Work Practices in ISFW and Samaritan’s Purse Social work is always needed around the world. Some may ask what is social work or what does social work really focus on. Social Work is a professional discpline that reaches out to unstable individuals, families and groups. It helps improve social change, development and makes a difference. There are Christian based non-profit organizations that are passionate and talented individuals that are helping to achieve in the United…

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