International Security Assistance Force

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  • Taban Attack

    them there were some insurgent waiting to enter the branch too. On the other hand, the Taliban insurgents were outfitted in the uniform of Afghan Soldiers in order to keep their identity hidden from the security forces and security close Circuit camera in the branch. No one knew…

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  • ISAF Mission

    United States by El-Qaeda, the UN Security Council pass out a resolution 1386 in 2001 giving the authorization to establish the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) which was deployed first to Kabul to train the Afghan National Security Forces and assist Afghanistan in rebuilding their government. Then two years later ISAF mission was expanded by the UN Security Council all over Afghanistan to Capture Osama bin Laden, Destroy Al-Qaeda network, and Remove Taliban Regime. ISAF achieved…

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  • Analysis Of Why We Lost, By Daniel Bolger

    reducing forces or pulling out of Iraq altogether. He similarly lays out the same argument for OEF, as he explains how the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan determined they needed 80,000 additional troops to execute a counterinsurgency campaign, but they requested only 40,000. On the subject of military advice to the political leadership, Bolger inserts a thought provoking civil-military relations debate. He criticizes generals for only giving advice behind closed…

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  • Najmah Under The Persimmon Tree Analysis

    dies or stays alive. They even killed Baba Jan right in front of the young boys. They even made them bury their own family members. The Taliban has taken over more land over the years"Taliban control has fluctuated over the past 14 years. The Taliban government collapsed after the American invasion, but the Taliban regained control of multiple districts between 2005 and 2009, Mr. Roggio said. They withdrew from these areas after the temporary surge of American troops at the beginning of…

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  • Being A War Veteran Essay

    Being a War Veteran Participation in war changes a person, but participation in two wars extremely changes a person that only a few will fully understand. People who have never been there ask me what it was like. Did you get shot at or shoot anyone? Others will share stories about a sibling, cousin, friend, or someone they knew who went to fight in a war. Even though they know someone who fought in a war, they themselves don’t fully understand what I went through on a daily basis. Only your…

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  • Farah Ahmedi's The Other Side Of The Sky

    Women have become shut out from the world, forbidden to work, therefore kept in the dark with among thousands and thousands of other victims of this mistreatment. For instance, some of these women's lives consist of teaching classes in the privacy of their homes not daring to step out in fear of the streets run by the Taliban. Everyday women must be accompanied by a close male relative to be able to leave her household and even so, they are scrutinized for their apparel by the police force well…

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  • A Thousand Splendid Suns Chapter Summary

    ball that he is, uses this as an opportunity to ask Laila to marry him. Surprisingly, she says yes. It turns out that she's pregnant with Tariq's child. Her plan is to convince Rasheed that the child is his, and then escape to Pakistan after she's saved enough money. Mariam resents Laila at first, but she eventually becomes close to Laila and her new daughter, Aziza. Laila tells Mariam about her plan to escape, and Mariam decides to join them. They eventually go through with the plan, but…

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  • The State Centric Approach

    In the international system, states seek security. Traditionally, this security was that of the state and the absence of threats to its existence. In the last twenty years, there has been a broadening of this concept with the introduction of “human security”, described as a “freedom from fear and want”. In the advent of increasing intrastate conflicts, the international community has faced a compulsion to aid the enhancement of human security when the state itself is unable to do so. This…

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  • Involvement In Afghanistan

    major causes of public distrust. It is also important for international relations purposes that the Coalition forces replace chaos with order. A new government which is just as corrupt as its predecessor will only cause more issues. Continuity is also important as an aspect of Coalition personnel policy. If Colonel Gentile’s experience has provided strategists with anything, it is the understanding that the “savior-general” narrative is largely false and counterproductive to war efforts.…

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  • The Harmful Effects Of The Taliban

    “bad apples”, but because of the situation,environment or system that they are in which creates that situation. According to Zimbardo, a person is not determined as a good or evil based on their deeds, but what caused them to do it. The Taliban caused much harm while they rose to rule Afghanistan, but in the words of Philip Zimbardo, the people of the Taliban were at first good, but what caused them to change into evil is what they believed in.The Taliban is considered as a symbol of Islamic…

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