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  • Najmah Under The Persimmon Tree Analysis

    and the Taliban. Even with their leader gone the taliban insurgency is still strong. ”Within 24 hours insurgents killed at least 50 Afghan civilians in Kabul, the capital, and injured more than 300. It was the worst civilian toll in years. Early in the morning a bomb in a lorry killed 15 people. Then a suicide-bomber murdered 28 police cadets, and eight Afghan contractors and an American died in an attack on an American military base.It looks as if the Taliban's leaders are trying to prove to their foot soldiers and enemies alike that the insurgency remains strong. ”(Robillard). The people of Afghanistan and Pakistan have to deal with the threat of the Taliban all of the time. The Taliban is only getting stronger with their leader Mullah Omar dead. They are killing innocent Afghan civilians in Kabul and injuring even more people in the process. The movement has been disorganized until last week when they found out he was dead. Without a figure in the Taliban the group has been exposed to competitors looking for recruits. Clearly the Taliban does not treat people fairly. So overall the taliban effects the people greatly in every aspect of life. The Taliban makes the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan follow there rules believe there culture and even worse they are punished if they do not follow these strict rules. This is unfair because nobody should have to be treated like this. Basically the Taliban wants to take over, enforce their rules and culture and treat people poorly…

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  • The War In Afghanistan

    Near the end of the 20th century, Afghanistan did not have a stable ruler and continued to switch between the soviets and its independence. But it was soon taken over by the Taliban through multiple civil wars and its influence towards its people (The Taliban). There was one slight problem, its leader Mullah Omar. Omar was not on friendly terms with America and did not support its involvement in the middle east with relations to terrorism (The Taliban). For example, Mullah Omar did not tell the…

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  • Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi

    Al-Qaeda too has had a torrid time in 2016. Tribal fighters and forces loyal to Yemeni president Mansur Hadi backed by the Saudi coalition have retaken broad swaths of AQAP-held areas in Yemen’s Hadramout province, including the port of Al Mukalla. Moreover, faced with crushing pressure from US-armed secular forces in Syria, its Jabhat al-Nusra faction also filed for divorce this month, announcing henceforth the group would profess "no affiliation to any external entity." Though IS’s media…

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  • Who Is George Patton A Hero

    After some time of doing nothing he was called in by his old friend Omar Bradley. Bradley had a plan that President/General Ike picked for him before he was relieved of his duty with the Seventh Army. When he assumed the role of Commander of the Third Army. His Third Army broke through into northern France and was pursing Nazi Forces. In 1954 Patton led his army into Germany while getting his hands on 10,000 miles of Nazi territory and insure it was out of Nazi control. General Patton was…

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  • Love And Basketball Essay

    In the brilliant film, Love and Basketball directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood she combines a sport genre with a drama. The movie follows two people that share a very similar strong passion for basketball. It begins when they’re kids after a girl who is played by co-lead actor “Sanaa Lathan” moves into the neighborhood of a young star played by co-lead actor “Omar Epps”. Their mutual passion for basketball is evident from the start. Not only is their shared passion obvious, but the audience is…

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  • Patton Movie Analysis

    nonsense, and pugnacious general stuck in the middle of the fight in North Africa after a humiliating American defeat in the Battle of Kasserine Pass. Patton quickly realizes how poorly disciplined the American troops in North africa truly are and quickly whips them into shape. After defeating Erwin Rommel’s German-Italian Panzer Army in Africa, Patton goes on to lead the successful invasion of Sicily but is soon after put on leave for slapping a G.I. whom Patton accused of being a coward. While…

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  • Manuel Noriega's Invasion Of Panama

    Noriega took part in drug trafficking. “In 1992, Noriega was found guilty on eight counts of drug trafficking, racketeering, and money laundering, marking the first time in history that a U.S. jury convicted a foreign leader of criminal charges” (“The U.S. Invades Panama,” n.d.). Noriega was originally elected as the President of Panama. While in office, Noriega devolved into a dictator. Noriega should have been removed from Panama quickly, for he was unfit to be leader. Manuel Noriega was a…

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  • Ahmed Khadr

    An example, Omar Ahmed Khadr, former child soldier, was detained for eight years, according to Andrea Prasow in an article titled “The Child Soldier on Trial at Guantanamo”, published in The Daily Beast. She said that in those eight years, more information was gathered about Khadr to use against him. There was information that Khadr had supposedly ‘bragged’ about killing a U.S. soldier, as well as claimed that the day he planted landmines to kill U.S. troops was the ‘happiest day of his life.’…

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  • Influence And Impact Of Malcolm X

    In the minds of many American’s Malcolm X is a great example when it come to evolution. Most particularly all race can relate to him until this day because of his empowerment. In the early life of Malcolm his father was murdered by the Ku-Klux-Klan, known as a supremacist cult. After the death of his father his mother was sent to a mental hospital which it effected Malcolm, he felt powerless to change his condition. When Malcolm x went to prison it had amazing impact in his life, he read every…

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  • Afghan-American War Research Paper

    In the summer of 1973, the former Afghan prime minister, Mohammed Daoud, launched a successful coup against the late king Mohammed Zahir Shah. The former king was more of a nationalist than a socialist; his coup was reliant on pro-Soviet military and civic sectors. Ever since 1955 the Soviet Union provided Afghanistan military training and materialistic goods. By 1973, one third of active soviet soldiers were on Afghan soil. Also, Daoud Khan liked having the aid of People's Democratic Party of…

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