George S. Patton

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  • Patton Movie Analysis

    Patton Patton is a historical drama surrounding United States General George S. Patton and his career in Africa and Europe during World War II. While I initially chose this film because it was easily available on Netflix, I came to enjoy that it focused on the war in Northern Africa and Italy, which are often overlooked in modern cinema and other mediums. The film depicts General George S. Patton, a loud mouth, no nonsense, and pugnacious general stuck in the middle of the fight in North Africa after a humiliating American defeat in the Battle of Kasserine Pass. Patton quickly realizes how poorly disciplined the American troops in North africa truly are and quickly whips them into shape. After defeating Erwin Rommel’s German-Italian Panzer…

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  • Who Is George Patton A Hero

    Death, Love, Life, Murder! George Patton was a rising leader in the world as a young boy. The future famed World War Two General always had a knack for leadership. General George S. Patton was a tank commander during the Second World War that managed to do unbelievable things in war. His men respected him and hated him at times. Since Patton was such a great leader he got business done. George Patton was a great American hero that had a knack for leadership and lead America to success even…

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  • General George S. Patton Summary

    Introduction Throughout the Second World War, one of the most highly praised and revered generals on the side of the Allies was General George S. Patton. He was among the first to institute effective tank warfare, utilizing effective intellectual resources to improve his battlefield strategy. Over time, Patton developed a complex system of beliefs that allowed him to focus upon particular strategies and learn how to best implement them. The first system regarded how battles should be fought,…

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  • Gen Patton Characteristics

    and parks in just feet of water. The door slams down into the water and LT Gen George S. Patton steps out and on to the beach of Morocco, North Africa and the cheers of his men ring out. Visionary Leader When I think of the definition of a visionary leader, General Patton immediately comes to mind. I could sit up here and talk for hours on all the war stories of Gen Patton, but I am going to limit it to late 1944. And cover some topics from that specific time to describe why I feel that he…

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  • Louisiana Maneuvers

    There were to be two events in the spring and autumn of 1940 and two more the following year, with the largest, most complex and most important to be held in September 1941. The 1940 maneuvers began in May with 70,000 soldiers, who trained and “fought” in four separate exercises of three days each, beginning on May 9. After the May war games, several senior tank experts, including Colonel George S. Patton Jr., recommended the Army create separate armored divisions that could operate unencumbered…

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  • General George S. Patton: A Tragic Hero

    General George S Patton It was a tragedy. The losses, the deaths. World War 2 was the great depression. As an American General Douglas Macarthur once said ¨ Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” ( Staff). All american soldiers that were involved in the war were and still are amazing, but one soldier that really stole my attention was General George S Patton. George Smith Patton Jr was a great man, he did many things to save the people in World War 2 that were being hurt,…

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  • Operation HUSKY

    operational tempo and the ability to exploit success. Intense disagreement by senior U.S. and British leaders over Allied intentions for Sicily and the MTO hindered the development of clear understanding by field commanders of HUSKY’s desired end state. The U.S. viewed HUSKY as the culminating operation in the Mediterranean, while Britain wanted it to be a stepping stone to subsequent operations in Italy and the rest of southern Europe. This lack of clarity at the strategic level flowed down…

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  • What Role Did Operation Husky Play In Ww2

    subordinates. This common understanding builds teamwork and mutual trust. The lack of a commander’s intent produces opposite effects and in this situation it halted effective communication, encouraged rifts amongst subordinate commanders, and set the stage for an operation mired in pessimism and dissension in the ranks. As “land force commander”, Alexander left the details of the land operation even murkier by failing to establish any plans for the land campaign after the initial invasion.…

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  • Battle Of The Bulge Causes

    II. There was a lot of pressure and resources put into this battle because if General Dietrich failed they would not be able to capture Antwerp. In the battle President Eisenhower ordered more defenceman at the bulge so the Germans could not get through line. As the author said “Eisenhower was willing to give up ground, rather than let his line break” (Farmer 35). This means that Eisenhower would rather have a few more men die making sure they did not break through the line in fear that if they…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Patton's Speech

    Army General George S. Patton were most definitely not around in the same time period. In fact, there is a time span of 356 years from when Queen Elizabeth gave her famous speech to the troops at Tilbury and when George Patton delivered his speech about him gaining command of the Third Army. However, they both had the same goal which was to build a connection with their men which in turn motivates the men. The two just happened to do it in very different tones. In her speech, the Queen uses…

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