Erwin Rommel

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  • Operation Overlord

    of the beaches of Normandy. This would divide their army. This disorganized the German army, as they weren’t prepared for an invasion in Normandy. Another way the Germans weren’t organized was because they did not have aerial superiority. Once the USA join WWII and combined their planes with the rest of the Allies planes, they achieved total superiority. This meant that the Germans could no long fly. This lead to many problems involving travel. During the end of May and the beginning of June, close to the time that Operation Overlord was supposed to occur, there was terrible weather. General Rommel saw this as the perfect opportunity to go and visit his family and celebrate his wife’s birthday, as surely the Allies wouldn’t attack anytime soon because of the weather. Rommel drove to Southern Germany, where he stayed at his family home until he got word of the attack. The problem for Rommel was that he couldn’t risk flying, as the Allies had aerial superiority, so he was forced to take the time to drive back. It took him a day to get back, putting his unit at a…

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  • The Importance Of The Siege Of Tobruk

    Nazi Germany, through Hitler’s blitzkrieg tactics, had swept through most of Central Europe and Libya prior to the battle. Their ever-increasing confidence led to their demise in the Siege of Tobruk through basic, errors and judgements. As part of the foreword to John Joseph Murray’s “I Confess: A Memoir of the Siege of Tobruk”, excerpts of thoughts and opinions from war correspondent Chester Wilmot criticises the tactics of Axis commander Erwin Rommel by commenting that, “individually these…

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  • Ernest Rommel's Leadership Qualities

    own soldiers. Erwin Rommel was a field marshal that fought for Nazi Germany, leading many successful campaigns throughout Africa and Europe against the allied forces, but he was unlike the other Nazi leaders that surrounded him. Renowned for his humanitarianism, bravery, and leadership, Rommel was viewed as a worthy adversary by his enemies and respected by the soldiers whom he commanded. This paper aims to distinguish and disaffiliate Rommel from the other Nazi officials and their disturbing…

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  • Kasserine Pass

    Rommel was in control of the 10th and 21st Panzer Divisions. 8. Leadership MG Fredndall II Corps Commander during the battle of Kasserine Pass. Well trained but did not adhere to rules and regulation. He bypassed the chain of command which caused poor battle performance and at the end he attempted to put the blame on others. While the German command also struggled with commands throughout the small battles leading up to the battle of Kasserine Pass. d. State the mission and describe the…

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  • Patton Movie Analysis

    Patton Patton is a historical drama surrounding United States General George S. Patton and his career in Africa and Europe during World War II. While I initially chose this film because it was easily available on Netflix, I came to enjoy that it focused on the war in Northern Africa and Italy, which are often overlooked in modern cinema and other mediums. The film depicts General George S. Patton, a loud mouth, no nonsense, and pugnacious general stuck in the middle of the fight in North…

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  • Analysis Of Jan Van Eyck's The Arnolifini Wedding Portrait

    The Arnolifini Wedding Portrait (1434, oil on wood, 82.2 cm x 60 cm, National Gallery, London) by Jan Van Eyck is one of the most extraordinary and mysterious paintings in art history. The complexity and rich detail makes it perplexing to art historians who have never been able to establish the true meaning behind the portrait. The most notable opinion is that of Erwin Panofsky, who argues that the Arnolfini was a marriage ceremony and was witnessed by the painter, shown with his reflection in…

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  • The Tokyo Fish Story: Augusto Boal And Bertolt Brecht

    Augusto Boal and Bertolt Brecht are two performance theorists who have two very different perspectives on theatre. Brecht used his experience of a Marxist to influence his idea of “epic theatre” to stir the will of action in its audience. Boal believed it to be detrimental for a play’s audience to have an emotional understanding of the characters and the effects the play have on said characters. I am curious about how the theories of Boal and Brecht apply to Tokyo Fish Story which was written by…

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  • Was Rommel Respected By The Allies Analysis

    Was Erwin Rommel respected by the Allies? “German general Erwin Rommel took pity on Captain Roy Wooldridge, who was taken prisoner in operation before D-Day landings, in touching encounter revealed after 70 years (The Telegraph, 2014).” Rommel started to fight in WWI as an officer and he was promoted to a general after WWI. The Allies faced off against Rommel in WWII as Rommel continued to fight in WWII. However, to some members of the Allies, Rommel was more than a mere enemy. Although Rommel…

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  • Abraham Lincoln American Struggles

    History is chock full of glorious tales of underdogs triumphing against all odds and rising to victory. Everybody has heard that Michael Jordan faltered during his high school basketball tryouts but three years later led the North Carolina Tar Heels to victory at the NBA championships. Likewise, many know that Abraham Lincoln ran a struggling law firm but later became one of the greatest Presidents. And lastly, many know that Pablo Picasso lived on the edge of poverty his whole life but that his…

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  • Was Hitler's Assassination Justified

    By 1941, Hitler’s military leaders had lost faith in him. He has become paranoid, and disturbed as the war went on (Witherbee). He ordered the killings of anyone who spoke against his terms. Hitler’s military leaders disliked the poorly planned battle strategies that caused a decline of German soldiers on the battlefield (Witherbee). There were also many assassination attempts against Hitler’s life. One attempt included a bomb being planted in his headquarters, yet it failed, just as all the…

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