Kasserine Pass

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a. Battle of the Kasserine Pass
The Battle of the Kassserine Pass took place during the Tunisian Campaign of World War II in February of 1943. The Kasserine Pass is a wide gap located on the Atlas Mountains in west central Tunisia. The Allied forces involved in the battle were the U.S Army’s II Corps and the British 6th Armored Division. The Axis forces involved were Afrika Korps Assult Group and two Panzer divisions from the 5th Panzer Army.
a. Strategic/Operational Overview When the U.S entered into the war in 1941, Britain and the U.S strategized and joined forces and decided to invade the Northwest Africa only because of the pressure being given by the Soviet
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Study the area of operation.
1. Weather: The rains that hit the area caused muddy quagmire, this caused the Allies to slow down and take a defensive stance. The U.S II Corp sent its troops to the Western and Eastern Dorsal ranges to protect an enemy trying to flee the
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Rommel was in control of the 10th and 21st Panzer Divisions.
8. Leadership MG Fredndall II Corps Commander during the battle of Kasserine Pass. Well trained but did not adhere to rules and regulation. He bypassed the chain of command which caused poor battle performance and at the end he attempted to put the blame on others. While the German command also struggled with commands throughout the small battles leading up to the battle of Kasserine Pass.
d. State the mission and describe the initial disposition of the opposing forces: Allied forces mission was to hold the pass and protect the French until they could reset and continue the fight towards the Tunisian. The German’s mission was to overcome the U.S at Sidi Bou Zid and to continue up north. As the German commands continued to disagree with what direction they wanted to go. A large offensive was planned to the south but with lack of planning caused weakening forces.
a. Describe the opening moves of the battle.
Sunday 1943 February 15th Element of the 10th Panzer Division and the 21st Panzer Division under General von Arnim, launch their attack at Allied forces near Sidi Bou Zid and Bir el

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