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  • Analysis Of The Walt Disney Corporation

    “targeted audience” part is very important because advertising has become such a large multi-billion-dollar industry, that being able to reach your intended audience makes for a lucrative partnership with “the big 6” and advertising companies. For example, The Walt Disney Corporation owns more channels than just the ones that share its namesake. These companies include: ABC broadcast network, Disney Channel, Freeform publishing, The History Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, Marvel Studios, Pixar Studios, AND a 32% holding of Hulu, an 80% holding of ESPN Inc., and 50% holding of A&E. If you didn’t know the name by now, then it should be painfully obvious at this point. The scarier thing is that each of the networks listed has even more subsidiaries that add to the reach of Disney. One example is ESPN Inc., it owns ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPN on ABC, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Films, ESPNU, ESPN Classic, ESPN Now, SEC Network, and ESPN The Magazine… just to name a few (6). Disney is known for that Iconic shape of one specific cartoon mouse, the symbol it’s self has changed as the years go on but Mickey Mouse’s head/ silhouette is always an easily recognizable logo for a company that everyone knows. The logo was originally adopted in 1991, 63 years after the original “Steamboat Willie” was produced (1). This was one of the many firsts for Disney allowing them to maintain their status of a multimedia powerhouse of the US. The very first completely animated feature length film was…

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  • Violence In Youth Sports

    terminated. Although, Jones was not injured on the play, one may argue Tomlin’s intent may be violent 3. Media outlets such as ESPN spent several weeks analyzing the play to determine if it was intentional or just an innocent act. Several reporters pointed out that this is not Tomlin’s first ‘violent’ act on/off the football field. Despite the media’s discussion, the National Football League (NFL) fined Tomlin $100,000 dollars.3 The NFL referred to the rules and regulation of the league when…

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  • Michael Eisner's Market Model Analysis

    Michael Eisner states that, he “transformed the company into $1.8 billion in enterprise value, and a global media empire that valued at $80 billion” (Bio). However, he didn’t do this alone he “racked up $19 billion in the takeover of Capital Cities and ABC, which then create Disney as one the world 's biggest media conglomerates” (American Media Sharks). As in terms of what is a media conglomerate, that is a large company that owns smaller companies that widely use different programs for…

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  • Gender Equality In Sport

    legal counsel, the NCAA rescinds its rule prohibiting female student-athletes from competing for NCAA championships” (Harrow, 2001). With Title IX in place and the NCAA allowing women to compete at the colligate level we have seen the participation grow in large numbers. According to the Women’s Sports Foundation, that “As a result of Title IX, and the work of the Women’s Sports Foundation, that number has increased to about two in five today. In women’s collegiate programs the increase is more…

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  • Honesty On Racism By Kashanacauley Analysis

    the United States of America. Although written almost 250 years ago, the narrative is still different depending on the color of your skin. Kashana Cauley wrote an opinion article called “ESPN Is Terrified of Jemele Hill’s Honesty on Racism” in the New York Times on October 10th, 2017 in which she has a very strong opinion on the treatment of blacks in America, on and off the field (Cauley). According to her personal website Kashana Cauley is a former writer for the Daily Show with Trevor Noah…

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  • Internship Application Essay For College

    These internships will help me get my foot in the door and start building a name and reputation for myself in the journalism field. Being a Walt Disney Company cast member I already have a good record and reputation with the company so I have leverage applying for internships and jobs with ESPN that most do not. I also have access and opportunity to apply for internships and jobs that are internal postings only, meaning they are only available to current cast members. I also have the resources…

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  • Personal Narrative: King Of Fantasy Football

    Jeffrey Szulczewski, the king of fantasy football? Well, sorta. So one week, I was at my dad’s house playing fantasy football on Week 3, and I was going all out. My dad doesn’t usually know how to play fantasy for every sport, so basically run every one of his 1 day leagues on DraftKings. Since I run the leagues, I usually do pretty decent. Earlier that week, I played the Thursday Night Football League. I played decent and picked some of the right guys, but it wasn’t good enough. I entered $3…

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  • Marginalised Women's Sports

    while playing ?” and “Oh My God, I love her outfit!!, only undermines female players’ abilities and performances. These channels often categorizes women as girlfriends, wives of famous male athletes, and mothers rather than professional players (Messner 5). This makes women seem less competent than men. Moreover, women’s sports receive less interest than their counterparts, which are out of season. Televised sports mainly focus on the top three male sports: football, basketball, and baseball…

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  • Analysis Of Madison Holleran And Split Image

    The problem was that Madison was a “perfectionist” (ESPN 5) and very worried about appearance and what everyone thought of her. She did not want friends and family to think that she was struggling, this is where social media becomes an issue in everyday life. It helps put on a front “everyone presents an edited version of life on social media” (ESPN 6) and take away pain. Girls love to post cute pictures on Instagram and Facebook to make them look “cool”, but no one knows what is actually going…

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  • Coke Zero Commercial Analysis

    Using the College GameDay crew and allowing Kirk Herbstreit to be the main voice of the commercial is an example of ethos in the commercial. This is an example of ethos because everyone can trust Kirk Herbstreit and the rest of the crew to be honest because they are all famous athletes and coaches. Another example of ethos in this commercial is the fact that the ESPN logo is on the screen. This is an example of ethos because ESPN is a worldwide television show and a highly irrefutable source.…

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