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  • Essentialism In English

    Essentialism and Standard English are socially-constructed concepts which stand together in upholding a hierarchy that perpetuates ethnic inequality by privileging a dominant group. This privileged group is the white male, whose culture permeates into all other cultures, subtly altering and eliciting behavior to conform to the white male’s norms. Social scientists acknowledge and personify such influence of and social pressure from this culture with notions such as “white gaze,” which depict a totalitarian view of social relations (Flores & Rosa, 2015, p. 150-151). To challenge the ethnic hierarchy, we must understand that the population cannot be neatly sliced and labeled according to certain differences as asserted by the position of essentialism.…

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  • Bestor's Essentialism And The Philosophy Of Essentialism

    Essentialism Essentialism sees the primary function of the school as the preservation and transmission of the basic elements of human culture. It emphasizes (1) a return to systematic subjects, (2) learning as the mastery of basic skills and knowledge, (3) the teacher as a mature representative of the culture and someone who is competent in both subject matter and instruction, (4) education as preparation for work and citizenship, and (5) the preservation of the school's academic function. Above…

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  • Humanistic Teaching: My Personal Goals And Goals Of Education

    students can apply what they learned in the classroom into the real world. The role of their teachers are to take the students strengths and develop them as the year progresses and take their weakness’s and establish them into learning goals. I want to shape my students to be at the top of their learning peak. Regardless of the subject I teach, I want them to be able to apply what they are good at in order for them to learn in my class. In a way I would like to take many approaches when teaching…

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  • Spike Lee Objective Truth Analysis

    Wahneema Lubiano contests Spike Lee’s extensive acclaim by assessing his hegemonic effect on depictions of African American culture; she cites the importance of a comparative base and how the lack of qualifying alternatives to Lee’s “reality” render a declaration of reality “reductionist” (100). When reality is continuously based on one representation and established by a “consensus of a particular group,” it withstands simply due to the “absence of existing alternatives” (104). Because Lee’s…

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  • Essentialism And Perenialism

    Essentialism: Essentialism is one of the 5 philosophies that is teacher based rather than student based. Like the name states the purpose of essentialism is to teach students the basics and essentials of learning. It hangs onto the traditional subjects such as math, science, English, and history; which is referred to as the core curriculum (Sadker and Zittleman 251). As a teacher centered philosophy, the teacher's role is to decide what’s important for students to learn and they focus less on…

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  • Biological Essentialism Essay

    A perspective indicates that biological differences of human beings are simply classified into a binary relationship, is called biological essentialism. It assumes the binary relationship among sex, gender and sexuality is that the gender of males is masculine and the gender of females is feminine. Furthermore, it also suggests that the sexualities of males and females are attracted to its opposite gender, which is heterosexual. In addition, biological essentialism normalizes and naturalizes…

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  • Example Of Essentialism In Education

    Assignments 4&5 Essentialism is the educational theory whose primary goal is to teach students the basics. The basics include reading, writing, and arithmetic in elementary and the additions of science, history, and foreign language in secondary school. The primary aim is to instill students with the “essentials” of academic knowledge. The teacher passes on this essential knowledge to the students. In Essentialism, the teacher is the leader of the classroom. They should be seen as…

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  • Product Essentialism In Pixar

    animation has always faced the challenge of recreating reality. The hypothesis of the uncanny valley is the hypothesis that the more human-like something is the more its subtle imperfections make people feel uneasy (Willie Bouwer et al. 186). Humans know what humans are supposed to be like and when the recreation does not meet their expectation the person rejects it and may even be revolted by it. The driving force behind Pixar is not creating realistic worlds but exploring new worlds through…

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  • Great Gatsby Essentialism

    After reviewing the movie, the idea of essentialism and social constructionism came to mind. The idea came about because of Daisy. At the end of the movie, and after all she had been through with Gatsby, she still left with her husband. For some, knowing that she left Gatsby to stay with her husband, showed her loyalty to her marriage. However, for others it was a horrific thing for her to so especially since Gatsby was shot because of her. Conversely, the idea of essentialism shows why she did…

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  • Essentialism Vs. Dominance Analysis

    The great debate, this story tells a good example between Essentialism vs. Dominance. When reading this passage the main point to this story between essentialism vs. dominance are essentialist theorist as it say in paragraph 4.” Men communicates to solve problems, where women communicates to establish emotional connections. Also women find intimacy through conversations, and men find it through actions”. This passage is a wonderful example on how and woman and man’s brain functions. Stroker put…

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