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  • Essential Oils

    Introduction Essential oils (EOs) are aromatic volatile liquids obtained from plant materials whether they are vascular plant or nonvascular plants including; buds, flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, twigs, bark, wood ,roots and herbs. Citrus plants constitute one of the main essential oils sources (Burt, 2004; Hammer, 1999). They belong to Rutaceae family, which originated from tropical and subtropical south-eastern parts of the world (Sawamura, 2010). Citrus species were cultivated in China long time ago, an ancient manuscript from 1178 Han Yen-Chih described 27 varieties of sweet and bitter oranges and mandarins with all relevant agricultural practices (Bonaccorsi and Dugo 2014). Citron was the first citrus to be known in Europe. Theophrastus…

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  • Comparison Of Tea Tree Oil With Other Essential Oils

    Tree Oil with Other Essential Oils Fundamental oils are broadly utilized nowadays in fragrance based treatment, and to treat a few issue like hypersensitivities. They have a magnificent smell and have bunches of therapeutic qualities, also. For this mind blowing blend, you will require 3 drops each of lavender, rosemary, and tea tree oil; 2 drops each of thyme and cedarwood oil; 4 drops of grapeseed oil and ½ Tsp of jojoba oil. These oils have cancer prevention agent, antifungal, mitigating,…

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  • Essay On Essential Oil

    The Effect of Essential Oils on Physical and Emotional Well-Being I chose to look closely at Dr. Mercola’s article “Essential Oils Support Physical and Emotional Well-Being.” In this article, Dr. Mercola talks about the effect of essential oils and how they support physical and emotional well- being. Being that people smell things differently from one another, smells can have different meaning to different people. This article looks at Aromatherapy and how it allows us to capture the olfactory…

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  • Essential Oil Essay

    From ancient times till date, essential oils are in use to treat humans in a very natural way. Anxiety, aches, pains, acne, skin diseases and allergies can be well taken care of with the help of different essential oils. Essential oils that are used for allergies are basically highly concentrated non-water soluble chemicals that are obtained from nature. With the passing of time, the new generation has lost some of the wisdom of our previous generation about the ability to cure illness with the…

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  • The Importance Of Essential Oils

    Essential oils come from natural products – but they are powerful! If you are taking any medication, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please check with your doctor before you use essential oils. Some people have very sensitive skin or they may develop allergic reactions. So please do a skin test on the inside of your arm or on your leg (not on your face or neck). Remember that essential oils are very concentrated. For example, it needs 65 pounds of rose petals to get one single 15ml…

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  • Essay On Thuja Occidentalis

    You can also use homeopathic creams. Thuja is also an ingredient in various non-homeopathic creams and ointments for warts. Perhaps the strongest remedy is Thuja occidentalis essential oil. Even more than some of the other essential oils, Thuja oil must be diluted. It’s much too strong to use straight from the bottled. Even diluted, it serves to “burn” off warts. You must apply petroleum jelly or a similar product around the wart to protect healthy skin from damage. You may dilute Thuja oil by…

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  • Benefits Of Chamomile Oil

    Chamomile Oil Chamomile essential oil is one of the gentlest oils. It is commonly used on babies and kids, particularly for diaper skin rash. Chamomile oil has been used since time immemorial for its calming, soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits. Its potent therapeutic benefits come from its flowers. Chamomile oil is best blended in combination with other oils and bath products. It is proven to help skin irritations such as eczema because of flavonoids and acidic nature. Chamomile is rich in…

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  • Samuel Christian Hahnemann: Alternative Medicine

    Conventional medicine is not the only answer to life’s simple illnesses. There are many natural, spiritual, and holistic remedies for endless ailments. For example, clove oil had been used in dental materials and dental patients have used it to treat toothaches. Reiki is a studied discipline that has proven biological effects on the patient. Many hospitals around the country are training staff member to become Reiki masters to aid patients in healing. There is also an extensive use of prayer and…

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  • Tea Tree Essay

    This oil can be use in the bath, regular massage (especially to the chest and in a vaporiser. Tea tree has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system aswell and is useful for colds, flu and catarrh. Can be steam inhalated, drops on a tissue or maybe facial massage. 6. Briefly describe at least 4 different diseases/disorders of the respiratory system and any benefits that holistic therapies can offer these conditions. The main symptoms of bronchitis are…

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  • Glycerin Soap Benefits

    The goodness of oatmeal lies in its natural oil coat - moisturizes, protects, gently cleanses, while correcting the pH of itchy/ inflamed skin back to normal. Eases itching, and other skin ailments. Ingredients: - 4 oz rolled oats - 2 oz roasted almonds (optional) - 1.5 tsp almond oil (optional) - 2 tbsp honey (optional) Equipment: - Soap base (2 lbs shea butter glycerin one would be good) - Heat proof container for melting soap - Measuring cup for mixing - Spoon for mixing - Soap…

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