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  • Difference Between Doping And Red Platelets

    The utilisation of denied medication or techniques to enhance preparation and game by competitors is called Doping ("What is doping? | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization", 2016). According to National Drug Strategy - Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs - Erythropoietin (2016), EPO manages the creation of red platelets in bone marrow and is a normally happening hormone delivered by cells in the kidneys; EPO is discharged from the kidney cells when the oxygen content in blood is low as theses kidney cells are delicate to low blood oxygen content; Moreover, to expand the oxygen conveying limit of the blood, EPO invigorates the bone marrow to deliver more red platelets. Dr Caillaud asserts that the blood itself is…

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  • Summary: The Sports Gene

    the force he could apply to his pedals. In a sport where power differentials of a tenth of a per cent can be decisive, this “qualifies as a deal breaker.” For the members of the Postal Service squad, the solution was to use the hormone EPO and blood transfusions to boost their hematocrits as high as they could without raising suspicion. (Before 2000, there was no test for EPO itself, so riders were not allowed to exceed a hematocrit of fifty per cent.) Then they would add maintenance doses over…

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  • Narrative Essay On A Doctor's Failure

    A Doctor 's Mistake It started off as a normal year, I had just finished my residency and now I could practice medicine on my own without someone looking over my shoulder at all times. Everything was completely normal until she was carted into the ER room with a low heart and respiratory rate. I didn 't know it at the time, but I was about to have the year of my life. I knew she was trouble from the moment I saw her carted through the door; however, she needed my help, and I was bound by law to…

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  • Chronic Kidney Disease Essay

    There are three primary functions of the kidneys: Manage blood pressure Produce hormones and red blood cells Remove waste from blood Kidney disease for cats can be a result of a poor diet, genetics, bacterial infection, poisons and/or old age. This paper will provide nutritional guidelines in cases where age, diet or genetics generates chronic kidney disease (CKD) in a cat. While chronic kidney disease cannot be reversed and progresses with time, a diet modified for cats with CKD can help…

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  • Essay On Bone Marrow

    Healthy bone marrow and blood cells are needed in order to live. It produces red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells. Each type of blood cell produced by bone marrow has an important job. Red blood cells’ function is to carry oxygen to various tissues throughout the body. The production of red blood cells is called erythropoiesis. It takes about seven days for a mature red blood cell to be produced. When the body is lacking oxygen, the kidneys produce a hormone called erythropoietin.…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Performance Enhancing Drugs

    drugs, there, are many risks and side-effects that may be experienced. Risks and side-effects come with different types of performance-enhancing drugs. Performance-enhancing drugs may include: HGH, Erythropoietin, Anabolic steroids, designer steroids, and Androstenedione. In the article from Mayo Clinic the Human Growth Hormone known as gonadotropin is a form of a PED which has an anabolic effect. Anabolic effect meaning that it promotes muscle building. HGH is only available by prescription and…

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  • Hematology Case Study

    results. This raises the intuition of blunt trauma and it is also an initial marker of injury along with physical exam. Leukocytosis in trauma is however due to neutrophilia as seen in this patient having a high neutrophil count. Increased in neutrophils can be best explained by neutrophil margination. This event of leukocytosis only last a short period of time. Also, Red blood cell (RBC) count is low (4.77×10^12/L) as a result of internal hemorrhage. (1) 2) a) The drop of about 30g/L of…

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  • Yeast Expression

    of recombinant therapeutic protein. DOI: 1-16 First published online: 14 January 2015 2. Tillman V. Gerngross. Advances in the production of human therapeutic proteins in yeasts and filamentous fungi. Nature Biotechnology 22, 1409 - 1414 (2004) Published online: 4 November 2004 |doi:10.1038/nbt1028 3. Thomas Vogi, Franz S Hartner and Anton Glieder. New opportunities by synthetic biology for biopharmaceutical production in Pichia pastoris. Current…

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  • Essay On Hypoxia

    (7) In the lungs, hypoxia acts as a vasoconstrictor in the pulmonary circulation. (7) The vasoconstriction may help with ventilation and perfusion in the lungs. (7) However, the reflex leads to pulmonary hypertension and is associated with pulmonary edema at high altitudes. (7) In regards to the heart, initially at a high altitude, cardiac output increases in relation to physical activity, but will then settle back to sea level values. (7) As cardiac output increases, there is an increase in…

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  • Benefits And Negatives Of Using Creatines

    increasingly popular among athletes, as they are hard to detect due to how quickly they are absorbed by the body. Why do people use PIEDs? For most people who use PIEDs, body image is the main motivation for use. People use this drug to heighten their physical appearance and increase self-esteem and confidence. For athletes it is the advantage in strength and muscle mass is the main reason for use. The expected benefits of using these substances may include: • Increasing the size and…

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