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  • Pill Bug Experiment

    Purpose The purpose of this lab is to investigate animal behaviors by diving into the world of ethology. There are two ways pill bugs will respond to environmental stimuli: Kinesis (non-directional response) and taxis (directional response). Kinesis occurs when organisms (randomly) move around quickly when they’re unhappy and slowly when they’re happy, which is best demonstrated when one lifts up a rock or other material that the pill bugs are under. In contrast to the simpler response that does not necessarily involve many neurons, taxis is often observed in response to changes in light, heat, moisture, sound, and/or chemicals (odor). This would be considered a directional response. A total of three trials will be conducted to observe the…

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  • Moistsure Summary: Moisture Analysis Of Rice Bran

    4.1 Moisture Analysis of Rice Bran At certain time within 30- 45 days of treated rice bran showed decrement of moisture ( Jayaraman, 1994). Thus, with the range of 30 to 45 days of storage, 40 days was chosen in this studies. The result obtained from study shown in Figure 4.1 and Figure 4.2. There are two groups of comparison; stabilized and unstabilized group. Based on the result obtained, the moisture of rice bran with different types (Bario, lowland and upland), content shows small…

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  • Disruption In The Classroom Case Study

    Task 2 Elementary Scenario Part A A1. Disruption in the classroom environment Sarah will not remain in her seat and she frequently wanders around the classroom. Her behavior is disruptive in a third grade classroom because it takes instruction time away from the other students. As the teacher addresses Sarah’s conduct her peers will become off task and miss essential commands and directives. Sarah’s conduct can also become a power struggle if the teacher allows her behavior to escalate. The…

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  • Antecedent Behavior-Consequences Chart Analysis

    The following Antecedent-Behavior-Consequences (ABC) Chart has been prepared for Jackson K. Direct observation was done during his Integrated Algebra 1A class to complete the ABC chart. The purpose was to identify “environmental and contextual variables that support challenging behavior” (Chandler and Dahlquist, 70). There are some consequences that are often related to appropriate and challenging behaviors, some desirable and others not. Unfortunately, oftentimes students that engage in…

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  • Moisture Determination In Foods: The Karl-Fischer Titration Method

    Moisture determination is important in foods for various reasons including; economic, food quality, microbial stability, labeling requirements etc. this may be done by several methods depending on several factors such as water type, decomposition of other food component among others. One such method of moisture determination is the Karl-Fischer Titration Method (KF). Titration is a technique used to determine the concentration of a known volume of solution. A titrant; that is a solution of known…

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  • Advantages Of Soil Conduction

    A soil moisture sensor is an integral aspect of the various precise irrigation techniques. This project focuses soil moisture sensor which can be implemented in a large array spreading throughout an irrigated field. Soil conductivity depends on the moisture content around the probes. This is particularly useful for monitoring moisture levels around roots of crops planted in an organized manner. The network architecture allows real time monitoring. A microcontroller is used to scan the array of…

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  • Air Barrier Research Paper

    Vapour diffusion retarders and air barriers are designed to keep a building healthy and strong by preventing moisture infiltration, neutralizing differences in air pressure and preventing heat exchange. Each performs a different function although some materials serve as both an air barrier and a vapour retarder. The Difference Between Air Barriers and Vapour Retarders Architects, engineers and others involved in building science research and construction examine the way that both air and…

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  • Soap Bar Lab Report

    4.0 INTRODUCTION TO RESULT AND DISCUSSION This chapter covers the result and also the discussion on the experiment of lab scale soap production. All of the findings which are the analysis of pH value, saponification value and moisture content of the formulation soap bar is discussed thoroughly throughout the chapter. 4.1 RESULT AND DISCUSSION The purposes of the experiment were to identify the weights of materials to be used in the formulation of soap and also to produce the average quality…

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  • Osmotic Respiration Lab Report

    Where M.R is the moisture loss ratio, M_0 is the initial moisture content, M_t is the moisture content at time t, M_e is the equilibrium moisture content, t is time (minutes), and a, b, c, and k are constants. For the effectiveness of diffusivity, Fick’s equation was used (5) to estimate the dehydration kinetic of different osmotic conditions. M.R=((M_t-M_e)/(M_0-M_e ))=〖8/π^2 e〗^((-(π^2 Dt)/(4L^2 )) ) …(5) Where D is the effective diffusivity, and L is the length of the (cubical) sample.…

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  • Silica Gel Research Paper

    bottles, Beef jerky, New purse, new backpacks. Silica gel is the little packages inside of products that were listed . Silica gel is to keep moisture out of those objects. Silica gel keeps the moisture from the product so it can stay dry. Silica gel can be in numerous places they can be even bought online. What does silica gel do Little packs of silica are(desiccant) means is a drying agent something that drys objects and absorbs the the moisture. Silica gel was made to absorb and…

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