International Game Technology

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  • The International Game Technology

    The International Game Technology (IGT) headquarter in Reno, Nevada is one of the biggest manufacturers / suppliers of slot and lottery machines for the gambling world. This company is “driven by insight, evolving with market needs, and enabled by open technology” (“Six pillars of success”, 2016). IGF uses six pillars to build their achievement on. These pillars are: portfolio, individual games, consumer promotion, retail, logistics & distribution, and interactive. To become “the world 's leading end-to-end gaming company,” (“Who we are”, 2016) IGF had to overcome many obstacles. Until 2002 the International Game Technology’s staff had to work among several different systems in order to retrieve some specific information / reports. Each department…

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  • Scientific Games Swot Analysis

    My Company is Scientific Games (NYSE:SGMS) and they are a leading innovator in the global lottery and regulated gaming industry. Operating in the Consumer Discretionary sector and the Casinos and Gaming sub-industry, they gave the world the first secure instant lottery game in 1974.1 Scientific Games have continued to advance games, technology, programs, marketing research and security driving the success of more than 300 customers on 6 continents for the last 40 years. Alongside their…

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  • Digital Literacy

    making use of the digital technology in all spheres of life. It is the ability to make and share information in different modes and formats; to create, collaborate and communicate effectively and to understand how and when digital technologies can best be used to support these processes. Keeping this trend in view this study has been conducted to know the digital literacy competencies among P.G students of University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad. The study found that majority of the…

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  • Skullcandy Case Study

    1. Motto: Every revolution needs a soundtrack 2. Skullcandy mission statement - To create the most notorious headphones infused by a inspired-team and advanced technology they work hard and play harder with their intelligent employees. 3. Segmentation: Demographics: Ages 13-25, male, middle class PARK CITY UTAH - Turned primarily into a ski resort town because of the rise of skiing and snowboarding, Over 3,000,000 visitors (mostly tourist), SKI AND SNOWBOARD - 6.1 million snowboarders (58%…

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  • Cultural Imperialism And Globalization

    Culture is an important part of any society. A person is only defined from the way he lives. But if we see around us we are inspired from other culture that is mainly because of globalization and advancement of technology. Nowadays media is the primary source of information as it is playing its vital part in our life. The western modernization is the dream of every individual; this is due to the cultural imperialism that has taken over the culture and values of almost all of the world society.…

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  • Assistive Technology Case Study

    mobility who face many difficulties in using the computer devices. For example, a person with physical disabilities find difficulty in learning whether he is unable to write or to play educational games found in computers especially for those having movement problems in their hands ( 2017). Moreover, they encountered the difficulty of using computers in the case of the inconvenience of the device table to sit in front of the handicapped learner and to use it or they can’t use the mouse…

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  • Technology's Negative Impact On Teens

    It is hard to imagine living without technology. Technology is apart of society 's everyday lives and some may argue that technology is good for teens and some say it is having a negative impact on teens. Ninety three percent of American teenagers have a computer or access to one (Pew Research Center, Mary Madden Pg. 1). Besides computers, technology also includes cell phones and television. Cell phones are a big distraction in classrooms and has caused many schools to ban cellphones in…

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  • Gujarat Science City Case Study

    1.7.3 Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad Planet Earth Pavilion of Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad The Gujarat Science City in Ahmedabad is functioning under the aegis of Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat. Objectives of the Science City are: • To develop a scientific temper • To nurture and stimulate scientific faculties of mind • To promote innovative and experimental activities • To showcase breakthroughs in Science and Technology • To establish a countrywide network…

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  • How Does Technology Negatively Impact Business

    People’s life style has blended together with technology and has made them overly dependent on all those high-tech technical devices. Distance is no longer an obstacle with the advancement of the technology. Crossing oceans takes only a minute by a single mouse click. Technologies are used to conduct business from home, find old friends, meet new friends, maintain communications with distant family and to get entertainment to release stress after a long day of work. According to the study…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Technological Literacy

    My digital literacy journey can be credited as the ultimate source of the technological knowledge I possess. As a result, technological literacy has given me the ability to work independently, to work in collaborations, to be responsible, effective and appropriate in using diverse technologies that keep changing over time. According to Iinuma, (2016), technological literacy is the ability to effectively use computerized innovations. My digital literacy journey was facilitated by my sponsors…

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