Cultural Imperialism And Globalization

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Culture is an important part of any society. A person is only defined from the way he lives. But if we see around us we are inspired from other culture that is mainly because of globalization and advancement of technology. Nowadays media is the primary source of information as it is playing its vital part in our life. The western modernization is the dream of every individual; this is due to the cultural imperialism that has taken over the culture and values of almost all of the world society.
The aim of this essay is to scrutinize that how globalization is a chained reaction of cultural imperialism and to draw attention to the role of media in making advancement in it.
Cultural imperialism theory states that media is dominated by western nations
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Cultural imperialism can be defined a. cultural supremacy; b. media imperialism; c. a discourse of nationality; d. the analysis of global entrepreneurship; and f. the analysis of modernity
(Bello, 2010) views globalization mainly and aims at globalizing the world. In addition, (Thompson, 1995) believes that globalization is the distribution of wealth and power within and between countries “The core critique of the imperialism theses was that the developing countries had established a relationship of subordination…”
Muyale (1998) accurately observes the overpowering effects of globalization thus, “the effect of globalization has had on culture is immense and diverse. It has affected people’s cultural behaviors in different ways. People have had to change their living ways”. In addition (Cavanaugh and Mader, 2002) says that media is the number one factor overpowering globalization. Media globalization includes communication channels like newspaper, radio, television, film, music, Internet and others forms of new
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This is the game plan of culture imperialist to use globalization and enter any country with huge company and distribution channels to lead that countries culture in their profit. So “the distribution of media products helps cultural imperialism in its

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