Nuclear proliferation

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  • Nuclear Proliferation Research Paper

    Dangers of Nuclear Proliferation Throughout the twentieth century, countries have developed nuclear weapons technology, one of the most lethal technologies ever created. The first country to develop this technology was The United States, and it was used for the first time at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan in World War II. The devastation caused by the two nuclear bombs was so catastrophic that it led to an immediate end of the six year war. Since then, the technology has proliferated to other countries, and today, nine countries in total possess nuclear weapons. Recently, third world countries such as Iran and North Korea have developed, or are in the process of developing, nuclear technology and weapons. However, concern about this recent…

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  • Nuclear Proliferation Pros And Cons

    another country with nuclear weapons; on the contrary, it is not unsafe to assume that they will readily bomb other countries to instigate terror in people. Therefore, it is irrefutable that extreme measures need to be taken to prevent terrorist organizations laying hands on these weapons. The proliferation of nuclear technology or weapons to countries with high terrorist activity is thus highly risky. If proliferation to Iran is successful, “the likelihood that…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Proliferation

    Since the use of the first nuclear bomb during WWII, states have wanted this form of ultimate power. Possession of a nuclear weapon places that state in very exclusive club that only nine other states have entered1. When states have nuclear weapons the nature of warfare is dramatically changed. States not only have to factor in conventional war tactics and strategies, but must calculate when and if a nuclear weapon is used or whether it should be used at all. Although there are currently nine…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Iranian Nuclear Proliferation

    “Analyze proliferation risk in the Middle East” “ Proliferation begets proliferation” (George Shultz) The escalation of Iranian and North Korea nuclear crisis causes apprehension that deteriorating security condition in the Middle East will encourages additional countries to seek nuclear weapons. Iran nuclear program will open the nuclear armament race in the Middle East. Iran is seeking for nuclear bomb for many reasons such as security and political, domestic at the same time that will…

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  • Nuclear Proliferation Theories

    India SocoMUN 2015 Nuclear Proliferation Summaries 1. Title: The development of nuclear weapons Adress: Date: Background On October 1939, after World War II the United States had begun a secret project called “The Manhattan Project.” This project was taken place after the suspicion that Germany had already begun working on an atomic bomb, that Hitler would eventually use to gain control over the entire world. By July 16, 1945 the first nuclear powered bomb was tested in a desert in New…

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  • Summary: The Nuclear Threat Of North Korea

    Another threat comes from North Korea. Choi (2015), argues that the North Korea nuclear problem is becoming significantly serious. It withdrew from the Treaty of the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons in 2003 and since then it has launched nuclear tests three times, officially declaring itself a nuclear state. North Korea employs the policy, byunjin in which the state pursuits nuclear power and economic development (28; 29). North Korea has been an ominous and uncanny neighbor for Japan. Many…

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  • Iran Should Get The Bomb Analysis

    “Why Iran Should Get the Bomb: Nuclear Balancing Would Mean Stability”. Waltz reexamines the prominent debate of either dissuading Iran from developing nuclear weapons or allowing it do so. He uses a neo-realist point of view to convince the audience that a nuclear Iran is essential in creating stability in the Middle East. Waltz firmly believes the danger of nuclear Iran to be “grossly exaggerated” and introduces the benefits of having another state in the Middle East with nuclear capabilities…

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  • How To Prevent Nuclear Weapons Persuasive Essay

    Since the waning years of World War II, the various nations of the world have put a lot of time, energy, and resources in to developing nuclear arsenals for preventive reasons. But is that really always why they acquire them? I would say yes, but not to prevent the same things. There are a few different reasons why nuclear weapons have been developed in the past by various existing nuclear powers, and this has varied from preventing invasions to preventing loss of life in their own invasions,…

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  • Zero Sum Logic Essay

    The proper Global Security role of the United States in the international order over the next 20 years will need to be a “lead by example mentality.” There needs to be a better U.S. and China (G2) relationship in order to tackle the major ecumenical quandaries the world faces such as climate change, economic imbalances, nuclear proliferation, and interventions in failed states, terrorism, energy, and food security. The U.S. needs to take the initiative and dissever itself from the notion of “the…

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  • Arguments Against Nuclear Weapons

    Nuclear weapons are the most destructive devices ever formulated. The initial reason the US made this new weapon was fear that Germany was developing its own atomic bomb and also to subdue enemies in World War II. These reasons prompted the Hiroshima bombing that immediately took tens of thousands of lives and devastated the city for decades. Currently, some suggest that these weapons deter countries from war, but with relative peaceful situations between major countries and looking back to the…

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