Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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  • Radiation Protection Policy Analysis

    The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has utilized NCRP recommendation in several key policy decisions. The in 2002 the NRC released changes to 10 CFR part 25 “Medical use of byproduct material” that incorporated portions of NCRP Report no. 116 as well as emergency planning, assessment of radiation exposure and training. NCRP reports were critical in the 2002 revision to skin dose, 1999 guidance on prenatal expose, 1996 guidance for risk for occupational exposure and 2010 guidance on measuring effective dose equivalents. (Kase, 2016)(Jones, 2005) The Environmental Protection Agency has utilized NCRP recommendation for the major policy decisions. The 1960 Federal Guidance for Occupational Exposure used ALRA, ‘as low reasonably achievable, ' principles in the…

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  • Nuclear Disaster: The Aftermath Of The Three Mile Island

    was used at the plant was also used at other power plants and were shutdown due to the accident. The cleanup for the accident took almost a decade because of the radiation that got out in the containment building where the reactor core was at. It took nearly six years before a power plant tried to get permission to build another nuclear plant or have another reactor put at one of the plants already built. The training that was given before was drastically changed because of the accident.…

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  • The China Syndrome Analysis

    The 1960s and 1970s were times where the ideals of the Paranoid Style were rampant. During this time some of the things people feared were conspiracy within the government and higher ups, the possibility of being spied on, the rise of the second wave of feminism, and the possibility of accidents within our nuclear power plants. In our history class, we have observed these topics through films made at or around the same time these paranoia incidents were clearly present. Through the film The…

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  • Three Mile Island Failure

    Three Mile Island It was the late 1970’s and nuclear energy was on the rise. The first full scale nuclear power plant built in the United States in 1958 was Shippingport, Pennsylvania. After the first power plant was built, there was an exponential increase in the amount of power plants being built, until March 28th, 1979 that is (CITATION). The Three Mile Island accident happened on that early spring morning. Three Mile Island accident was a series of failures that led to investigations and…

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  • Yucca Mountain Research Paper

    The Yucca Mountain Project Nuclear waste is a problem that plagues the United States due to dilemmas surrounding its handling. A scientific consensus shows that the best way to get rid of nuclear waste is through geological disposal, however, this method creates several barriers. Geological disposal includes storing nuclear waste in an underground repository site in hopes of it being contained without the need of surveillance for thousands of years. Due to the fact that nuclear waste contains…

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  • City Of Minneapolis: Committee Of The Whole: Case Study

    City of Minneapolis: Committee of the Whole Planning Commission The City of Minneapolis City Planning Commission’s ‘Committee of the Whole’ is a meeting that occurs at Minneapolis City Hall twice per month. The objective of these meetings is to provide a public forum where City staff and project applicants can discuss proposals in an official forum outside of the public hearing process. My particular meeting occurred at 4:30 PM on September 22nd, 2016. The vice president of the Planning…

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  • California Accountancy Regulation

    the contract for services where the notice is located right above the signature line, displaying the notice in a visible area at the location where the CPA performs the public accountancy services that states the CPA is licensed by the CBA, and any other manner of written notice. Notifying clients that the CPA is licensed by the CBA is a requirement because it lets the client know that there is a regulatory authority that they can contact to confirm a license, determine if the CPA has ever been…

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  • State Credentialing Board

    The board derives its regulatory authority from the provisions of the Alabama Sunset Law of 1981 through which it is categorized as an enumerated agency based on Section 41-20-3. Moreover, the board has established administrative rules that govern its licensure or certification activities as well as a Code of Ethics based on the requirements by the American Counseling Association. Actually, the American Counseling Association has established a Code of Ethics that is used to govern the…

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  • Negotiation Master Contract

    appropriately to best meet the needs of the students. Additionally, the district is audited each year to ensure compliance and appropriate use of funds. The financial procedures are all electronic now in order to remove a bit of human error that may have been present in the past. There are checks and balances in place to ensure that funds are being used appropriately. All expenses must be submitted for approval to the principal and the district. The principals are given some training on how…

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  • Disastrous Effects Of Chernobyl

    Anne McKenny Karen Peebles English, ENG-111 4258N November 29, 2014 The Disastrous Effects of Chernobyl Though there are many different sources of energy in the world, including petroleum and coal, one of the most dangerous is nuclear energy, which harnesses the power of the atom. Though nuclear power does not emit as many harmful chemicals as coal does, it has the potential to make large areas of land inhospitable for hundreds of years, depending on the time of element used in the core. There…

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