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  • Creative Writing: Dear Y Camp Family

    Dear Y Camp family, One of the greatest feelings in life is when you’re laying in the cool grass looking up at a crystal clear sky with a million stars. Lighting bugs make the darkness sparkle and move. The night air unsullied and fresh, frogs croak, barn owls call back and forth to each other, and cicadas sing in the blackness. The moon casts shadows from the colossal hundred year old surrounding oak trees, your belly is filled with M&M’s and campfire cooked s 'mores. You can feel a sense of belonging in the mid summer air. Your closest friends surrounding you, and within the comfortable silence not a word is spoken but there is so much noise. The noise of the river 10 feet away, the warm breeze running through the trees and underbrush, the crackling of a dying fire, and the presence of love raping the whole valley in a warm blanket. When the smell of dew and campfire smoke coat the air, when everything feels right. I have learned so much from moments like these. I spent this summer at Y camp, as you know. This is my ninth summer coming to camp. I first went as a camper when I was in first grade. Spending a week away from my family and sleeping in a strange place was terrifying, I was so scared to go, I remembered crying the first night because I was home sick. But the week flew by and I loved it. I loved everything about camp, the games, the songs, the place, and the people. I went to camp for one week every summer after that. Three years ago I started to volunteer at…

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  • The Three Messages Of Peer Pressure In George Orwell's Shooting An Elephant

    What is it like to be peer pressured? The three messages from elephant Have you ever been peer pressured into something? Have you ever peer pressured someone into something? Do you ever feel like you need to do something to impress the people around you? Do you ever want to feel cool? Can you feel cool doing something that felt wrong to you? In the story Shooting An Elephant by George Orwell, George was peer pressured into shooting, an elephant for the Burmese. There could have been…

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  • Powerless Women

    As a child, my mother always raised me to speak up. She told me when you see something that you believe is wrong you should say something. As a young child, disciple would happen if you spoke up about something, even if you weren 't at fault. In high school, our opinions were silenced amongst adults and peers didn’t care much to respect others thoughts. You were always told to keep quiet and do as people tell you. This is when people gave up and stop speaking up. My mother always encouraged me…

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  • Dog Influence Experiment Evaluation

    STATE OF NEW JERSEY DRUG INFLUENCE EVALUATION DRUG INFLUENCE EVALUATION Page 1 of 3 Pages ARRESTEE’S NAME: Singletary, Mike Evaluator: Hinman, Charles E Deptford Twp. Police Dept. #5244 Arresting Officer: Hinman, Charles E Deptford Twp. Police Dept. #5244 1. Location: The evaluation took place at the Well of Hope Drop in Center, 207 Broadway…

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  • Creative Writing: The Changeling

    The Changeling walked around or flew about the huge base, the leader Queen Chrysalis smiled at the site of her Changelings getting to work. “Good work, those Power Ponies won’t be able to stop.” Queen Chrysalis said. A giant boulder crash through the hive front door, The Changeling quickly getting out of the way before it crushed them, Queen Chrysalis looked at the three fillies that came through the hole. “Well I was hoping for a more quieter break in,” Winter said, Autumn moved a few…

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  • GENED 1000 Case Study

    I would recommend GNED 1000 to every freshmen experiencing college for the first time. It’s a great starter course for your first semester of college. It’s meets the requirements for two credits, and it’s a good class to take to help to achieve any major. GENED 1000 was a big help in the transition from high school to college. GENED 1000 does not focus on giving homework, assignments, or tests. In GENED we focus on how to; finish assignments, take tests, study, and take notes. Not everything…

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  • 1000 Petit Upmanns

    “About 1,000 Petit Upmanns.” “And, when do you need them, Mr. President?” “Tomorrow morning.” This was the conversation held between President John F. Kennedy and his press secretary, Pierre Salinger. 1,000 Petit Upmanns is the number of Cuban cigars President Kennedy requested Salinger purchase him the night before he signed the Cuban Embargo into law in February 1962. February 7th, 2012 was the 50th anniversary of the embargo whose goal was to stronghold Cuba into adopting a democratic…

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  • 1000 Word Reflective Essay

    MA_2016_IA_Tewodros Getachew Hailemariam (Member of Team 1) 1. Write a 1000 word reflective essay how you as an individual achieved the Learning Outcomes by participating in the online forums and tutorials and supporting your team write Part 1 of the assessment. 5 Marks. This is really an interesting opportunity for novice researchers like me. At the beginning, I was confident I will gain the basics to understand and engage in a meta-analysis and the result was really impressive. I’m now, so…

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  • The Role Of Nature And Science In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    In Frankenstein, Nature and science have brought a significant impact onto the characters. The progression of science combined with nature leads to a debacle. With this, there are various effects and roles shown through nature and science. Mary Shelley expresses her message about this. In her times, she was part of the transition from the Enlightenment to the Romanticist age and this led her to composing a story with nature and science competing against each other. From the struggles between the…

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  • 1000 Splendid Suns: An Analysis

    Imagine being covered from head to toe each time you left your house; hidden under a long cloak, your eyes blocked out by mesh, your appearance anonymous to preserve your purity. Those who dared to show their bodies would be stoned or thrown in prison. This is the reality of the world that many women lived in under the Mujahideen occupation of Afghanistan. Khaled Hosseini’s portrayal of Afghanistan in 1000 Splendid Suns gives an insight into the mistreatment of women in a heavily misogynistic…

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