Creative Writing: Dear Y Camp Family

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Dear Y Camp family,

One of the greatest feelings in life is when you’re laying in the cool grass looking up at a crystal clear sky with a million stars. Lighting bugs make the darkness sparkle and move. The night air unsullied and fresh, frogs croak, barn owls call back and forth to each other, and cicadas sing in the blackness. The moon casts shadows from the colossal hundred year old surrounding oak trees, your belly is filled with M&M’s and campfire cooked s 'mores. You can feel a sense of belonging in the mid summer air. Your closest friends surrounding you, and within the comfortable silence not a word is spoken but there is so much noise. The noise of the river 10 feet away, the warm breeze running through the trees and underbrush,
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I was put with the youngest cabin on camp, the mini’s. One night walking back from five fires I was holding hands with this one little girl. We walked down the road in the pitch black the stars and sounds of all the other kids surrounding us. I heard a sniffle and looked down at the little girl gripping my three fingers. Big tears cascaded down her face. I stopped on the gravel road and turned on my dying flash light then knelt down to seven year old height. “What wrong?” I asked sympathetically.

“I-I miss my dad” she sniffled.

I immediately didn 't think anything of it. Being in the youngest cabin I dealt with homesickness on a thirty minute basis. “Aww honey” I comforted her has she leaned into me and buried her face in my sweatshirt. “You 're going to see your dad so soon!” I said rubbing her back.

“No, you don 't understand. I won 't ever see my dad again, he died” she explained through the gap where her front teeth should be.

I was shocked for a second. “Payton, do you wanna know something?” I asked. She nodded through the tears. “Do you hear that buzzing sound up in the trees?” she nodded. “Those are cicadas, they are really cool big bugs. How many cicadas do you think are up there?” I asked

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