Personal Narrative: My Trip To Grandpa's Cabin

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As the sun was going down I heard Mrs. Cindy call “Allright, Maddie, Gabby, Jessica, Hannah, Jahirah. You guys are with me.” I kissed my mother goodbye as I climbed into the car and buckled my seatbelt. I placed my backpack on the floor as the other girls began to climb in. I waved goodbye as we started to drive, and we began the trip to Camp Laughing Waters. As we drove we sang and talked to each other about our lives, it wasn’t a terribly long journey, only an hour, hour and a half. It was dark outside now and we said “oh finally!” as we approached the camp Laughing Waters sign. As we drove around the camp we watched anxiously for Swatara cabin. We arrived at Swatara cabin and climbed out of the car with breaths of relief, and stretched out. We grabbed our things and began to to walk to the cabin. We went to open the door only to find that it was locked. We went around the other side and it opened. We went inside and turned on the light. We chose our bunks and threw our bags onto them. Me, Gabby and a few other girls took one of the rails off a side of the bunk bed and pushed them together. We helped Mrs. Cindy bring in things from the car (I helped her bring in the snacks so I would know if there was anything good in …show more content…
I asked my leaders if I could say hello to Gabby who was just down the hill, but I was told no. Our lunch break ended and it was time to go back to work. Later two of the girls had to leave so me and another girl filled in for them. Soon we got maple sugar ice cream. It may have been freezing but dang that ice cream with the maple syrup was good. It had a cold sweet kind of taste.The sky started to get darker as we were finishing up with our last group. Eventually girls from other groups had to come over to help pack the things up. I took off my apron and put things away. I walked back up to the dining hall with Gabby and sat down at a table. Soon the girls from the evaporator got maple sugar

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