Personal Narrative: My Trip To Grandma

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In early August of 2012, my dad and I decided to visit my Grandpa and Grandma Hurt in Florida. We hadn’t seen them in a couple years and it was time to spend quality time with them because time goes quickly, and you never know what could happen. The car ride seemed forever, but I was so excited to go to Florida. The car ride was almost unbearable to sit hour after hour. The only peculiar thought about this trip, is that my grandpa was sick, and the doctors did not know what exactly was wrong. In 2009-2010 he was diagnosed with lung cancer, thankfully he overcame that cancer, and came out strong. But right amongst the time of this trip, he became ill. But still, I couldn’t be worried, my grandpa is a veteran of the military. He has a bright …show more content…
It seems odd but ever since I remember, my grandparents bought sodas, which were half the size of normal canned ones. Just seeing the can sizes haven’t changed, brought me back to my childhood. I pressed my lips to one of the cans and sipped slowly, embracing the moment of reconciliation. After I finished my refreshments, my dad and I got settled in and we decided to go out to an early dinner. My grandpa persisted to drive to the restaurant, so my dad and I obliged and we took his big famous red truck. This is where it went downhill and I seen his condition head on: He couldn’t even walk to his truck completely without having to bend over to breathe for a couple minutes. He looked terrible, but after he caught his breath he smiled and pretended like nothing was wrong, he said something along the lines of, “Well, are you guys going to stand there or get in the truck? haha?” Here, I knew he completely changed his actions and diction, he was ill and in denial, he needed help and he completely denied it so we wouldn’t worry. With a smile across his face, my dad and I also smiled, this smile actually real, because I was young and when someone says they’re okay, they’re okay. If my grandfather would have acted the way he was feeling, I would have started crying and everyone would be in a worse state. I think my grandpa understood …show more content…
Code switching, is literally like a light switch, off and on, it’s not fake, it is still you. If I would have acted any differently with this situation, I don’t think I would have been able to talk to my grandpa as much, and spend a decent amount of time with him before he left. He really wanted the conversation we had while we walked the hospital, and I think being able to see his son (my dad) and granddaughter (me) before it was his time, really put him to peace. If I didn’t react the way I did I would have been breaking down the whole time, and so would he. Everyone would be tenser and stressed out, but instead we made it strengthen all of our relationships. We took a few steps back and tried to enjoy the beeping hospital noises, and pointless conversation we had, that I will always

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