Analysis Of Systemic Lupus Erythematous

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Hearing the word “auto-immune” can be frightening. Especially when waiting on a diagnosis from your doctor. When I was told I have Systemic Lupus Erythematous I was in shock. Every symptom I experienced finally made sense. Anger was the first emotion I felt. I began to resent God for what he gave me. Why me? I’m too young to have a life ling illness. After many prayers and long talks with the man upstairs, I have full faith in The Lord’s plan for me. I believe God knows what is best for me. Not knowing much about the chronic sickness, I had many questions. When doctors could not seem to answer these curiosities, a wave of angst washed over me. I was uncertain about my entire life, and the next step to take. People often say God works in mysterious ways. While this is true, knowing God chose me to live this life is more uplifting. …show more content…
Assuming it is my doctor with lab results, I roll over and sit up. When his shaved head and metal rack holding his intravenous drug come around the corner I realize it is the patient next door to my room. After saying hello he asks me to read to him. The little boy, no older than five, says it makes his head not hurt so bad. Once he hops up next to me I can clearly see he multiple scars on his scalp due to surgery. Feeling absolutely petty for grieving over myself, sorrow fills my eyes. Before I had a chance to shed a tear he looks up at me a says, “I’m waiting.” Never has one person brought so much pain and joy to my life in the hour we spent together. In the middle of our reading time he asked me if I was sick. Without even thinking about it I responded, “yes, I found out I was sick a month ago”, he looked at me with a face of confusion and said “but you don’t look sick, you have hair and I don’t see any boo-boo’s on you.” At that exact moment I realized the 35-pound little boy sitting next to me had more bravery and strength than anyone I have ever

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