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  • Smile Aesthetics

    the state of joy. The effect of smile on society is undeniable. As we know, attractive smile is a result of consistency between various parts of teeth, intra and extra oral soft tissues. So a golden smile can be achieved by applying beauty standards during treatment. The standards originate from many different sources, such as the principles of beauty in art, the measured values of a certain race, studying a group of people who are generally considered pretty. Yet, none of the values and standards of scientific articles cited in the references has been proven for clinical use. In order to investigate the beauty of smile, there are some criteria in orthodontic treatment which…

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  • Essay On Gummy Smile

    A smile expresses a feeling of joy, success, sensuality, affection and courtesy, and reveals self-confidence and kindness. The harmony of the smile is determined not only by the shape, position and the colour of the teeth but also by the gingival tissues1. Gummy smile is seen due to improper relation between gingival tissue and tooth, with gingival tissue in excess and tooth portion in a small amount. Excessive gingival display (EGD) commonly described as “gummy smile” is a frequent cause of…

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  • Why Women Smile By Amy Cunningham

    A smile, an abstract art, is utilized by many, but also not understood by many. The corner of our eyes crinkling, the corners of our mouth curling upward, resulting in a broad, bright smile. In America’s society of men and women, we have smiled at one another to show appreciation, to express happiness, or to display a wry countenance. Whether our smile is meant to be genuine or disingenuous, we choose to smile for a multitude of reasons. To which this idea establishes that everyone’s purpose of…

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  • Feminism In Mona Lisa Smile

    Set in the circa of the 1950's, the movie, "Mona Lisa Smile" is an inspirational film that explores life through feminism, marriage, and education lead by a modernist teacher at the end of a traditional era (Mona Lisa Feminist/ Conflict Theory). The film is very true to the period it was set in; taking great lengths to ensure authentic depiction of the era. Katherine Watson, played by Julia Roberts, is the main character of the film. The film takes place at Wellesley College, a very prestigious…

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  • Reflective Essay: Why Do People Have To Die?

    him. It meant I could no longer go to his house every weekend to spend time with him. It meant that he could no longer tell all of his life stories. I just kept reminiscing about all the memories we had together, about to cry, I put my hands on my face and I started to see phosphenes. They were so colorful and lively, but when I took my hands away they disappeared. That is when it hit me, Is that what life is? I realized that life was like phosphenes. Life is like those temporary beautiful…

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  • Personal Narrative-Down In High School

    I slowly make my way around the corner, as if I’m trying to calm a beast that has awoken. She smiles a crooked, devious grin, hiding her hands behind her back. “I have a surprise for you, darling, sweet daughter.” She spits out the word daughter as if it were poison, making me flinch back, now fearing what is to come. She pulls out a small, black hand gun, pointing it directly at my chest. I freeze, now becoming scared for my life, I begin to back up, hitting the wall that was behind me. “I have…

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  • Personal Narrative: Betrayal

    drawbacks and our future plans disappeared from our mists like a balloon that had been abruptly popped; by her. In the beginning, the emotional toll that wrung at me felt like a bucket of ice had been poured on me. She stood so far from me and spoke in a soft whisper. I strained my ears regardless if I knew what she was going to say. I just needed to hear it. My mouth went dry and I felt my cheeks force themselves into a smile. The feign smile never lasted long before she shook her head in…

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  • Narrative Essay On Becca's Life

    As the applause began to thunder, they stood up hand-in-hand and took a bow. Becca’s smile was soon radiating throughout the audience. Caleb was the first person on his feet clapping with such fervor that he inspired the entire audience into a standing ovation. Becca was half blind from the bright lights shining in her face, but from where Caleb stood she could see him clearly. Her heart was so full in that moment; she could have stayed right there and been completely happy for the rest of her…

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  • Narrative Essay: The Perfect Place To Find A Job

    be the perfect place to find a job!” I thought to myself. Throughout the night, I slept with extreme excitement as I dreamt of what having a job would be like. The next day, I woke up with an abundant amount of energy as I prepared myself for the grand job hunt. We applied to almost every store while walking through the hectic mall but as we were leaving the mall we noticed we forgot to apply to one place, and that place was Garfield’s Restaurant and Pub. Quickly, we walked in with…

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  • Essay About My Head Was Spinning All Over The Place

    My head was spinning all over the place. It felt like I’ve been punched on my head several times with a brick; I felt consciously blind. I was breathing heavily like I’m gasping for air. I couldn’t move much but hear weird noises echoing repeatedly through my brain, I felt myself moving, shaking back and forth, ‘’Monica! Monica! Can you hear me?’’ I felt myself flat on the floor and I could feel a cold breeze touching my soft delicate skin. Why did he let go of me? Why has it gone silent? I…

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