Personal Narrative: My Road Trip To High School

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The bags had already been packed and the taxi was ready to take me to Ricks. By the time I got in the taxi and left, it was nine forty-five, I was late again.
“We said we were meeting at nine Leilani!” yelled Casper from the boot of the car where he was loading everyones bags. I went inside Ricks house to see Liv making cd’s on the computer for the trip. Trish and Rick were organising car food and drinks. We had all decided to go on a road trip to celebrate and say goodbye to high school and say hello to summer. I had finished my last exam the day before and was more than ready for some time to relax from the pressure of deciding the rest of my life. Rick’s parents we’re proud he finished high school, Liv’s parents have the college and medical school set out for her already, Trish was waiting on an acceptance letter and a phone call to do a beauty apprenticeship with the local spa and Casper, like me, wasn’t sure of what his life was going to look like in the next year or two. We were all ready for some time away to unwind.

After five hours of driving we took a break at a petrol station off the freeway. While the others were buying food or getting petrol I checked the map.
“Hey Casper, does Rick know where
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About five hours in, it was getting dark and Trish and I decided it was time to set up camp. We kept driving for another hour till we were in the middle of nowhere with nothing but empty paddocks around us. Liv was asleep so Trish and I went looking for fire wood in the dark.When we came back to the car, the guys had set up tents and swags for us and were ready to light a fire. It was twelve at night and the four of us were playing truth or dare. However, we had all known each other since we were babies and never keep secrets so the ‘truth’ part was very boring. Trish had just dared Rick to run round the campfire in his underwear when I hear a twitch from the trees. I looked over and saw a shadow run through the

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