Personal Narrative: The Trip To The Grocery Store

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The Trip to the Grocery Store
I haven’t seen him in weeks or maybe even months, I thought as I glared across the small distance between where I was standing and my dad’s car. With my One Direction CD clutched in my hands, I started to close the distance by walking towards his car. I opened the door and slipped in, and then he started to drive to the grocery store. At the time I was under the illusion that my dad would be even slightly happy to see me, but no. That naïve thought was ripped away when the first words that he yelled my way where, “why have you been telling everyone your bullshit lies!” I froze for a moment. What is he even talking about? I thought.
“Everyone has been bitching at me saying that I haven’t been coming home and that
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I haven’t seen or heard from you in so long it’s, almost like you’ve forgotten that I am alive,” I said.
I touched my chest and felt that my heart rate had increased; I felt a prickle of heat begin at my ears and spread across my whole face. I have never spoken to my dad like this before, guilt washed over me. I was embarrassed.
“I’m sorry dad, I just miss you, you are never home anymore, and I was wondering if you could at least once a week can you come home and spend time with me. I am alone literally all the time,” I said.
I wonder if he could hear the sadness in my voice and maybe he would realize how much I needed him to be around. We had just arrived at the grocery store and he found a parking spot and begins to speak.
“I have a life too Perla, I can’t just come home whenever you want me to,” he said.
I could taste my stomach acid rise into my throat. In that moment I lost any ounce of composure I had left in
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I got out of the car and started to walk home. My house was less than a mile away I could make it. Just when I thought that I had escaped the idiocy that was my dad, I turned around and saw that he was following me. Maybe he was coming my way to say he was sorry and to get back into the car? No not at all when he got close enough to me as he could he lowered down his window and he said, “When you get home you are going to get it.”
I didn’t know what to do, I was angry, sad and definitely was not going home tonight. At the time I thought that I had nothing to lose so with my One Direction CD still in my hands I flung it at my dad’s head and I said, “ fuck you.”
He then sped off in his car. I kept on walking, having no clue where I was going to go or what I was going to do. Moments later I looked up and saw a familiar car driving my way. It was my cousin Randy.
“Hey get in. We are going to my house, your dad is already there talking to my mom,” he said.
“Okay,” I said.
It only took a minute car ride to finally get to his house. The whole way there was silent. I could smell that I was reeking of body odor; it must have been at least ninety degrees that

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