Descriptive Essay On The Last Day

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The Last Day
Sweat was gleaming off my face as I finished lifting our couch into my mother’s van. It was a familiar action, we has always been moving around. We had held many houses for rent, each for one year at a time. We never stayed anywhere for long, presumably because nobody liked renting to single mothers with five kids. We were always drifters, seeking houses for rent and never having a permanent situation. Then we finally purchased a house, one that my mother was proud to call her own. She called it our “forever house”, she never wanted to leave. She had many future plans, such as having her future grandchildren stay there. However, all those dreams went away in the van when I closed the trunk. That van was headed to our tiny storage
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She turned over from her chair to look at me with her half open eyes. I saw her face, it was bright red with dried streaks down her face.
“Go ahead sweetie, I’ll be fine.” She lied, and I knew she did, but I had no choice. I ran over and wrapped my arms around her. We said that we loved each other. After that, I turned away, towards the front door. I had picked up my old, blue, briefcase and put on my backpack. Both of which were full of my musty clothes and nostalgic possessions. I looked back at my mother one last time, she was staring at my dog, who was sleeping. I exited the front door for the last
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They were my father’s parents, and they had not seen me in a long time, as well as anyone else on my father’s side. Nobody on my dad’s side got along with my mother. As my two brothers and I loaded our belongings into our grandparent’s car, I couldn’t help but stare at my old house. I remembered how much I had been anticipating this day, the day where I could go away from all of the moving and go see my dad for a whole month. He had never had me for such a long period of time, and living at my mom’s had been difficult. As I left, however, I felt my heart wrench. My stomach ached and my brain went numb. I knew my mother felt bad for all of the pain she was making us go through, and it made her feel worse that we were excited to get away from her. As my grandfather put the car into reverse, I felt myself getting farther away from my mother. My eyes began to puffen and produce tears, and my lower lip began to quiver. I was helpless as my grandfather drove away from my mother, ceasing my hopes of seeing her. I held back the tears and was able to calm down, solely in embarassment of crying in front of everyone. I felt hollow as we drove even further away. I yearned to be with my mother, I thought I had wanted to leave, but know I knew I couldn’t bear to leave

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