The Death Of A Loved One Essay

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The death of a loved one is never an easy thing to take in. As you go through the stages of mourning, it seems to get easier to accept it. I have never gone through the stages of mourning. Shedding tears was only a temporary thing that lasted less than a minute. That is because I learned to view death as a beautiful thing at an early age. I thought I would no longer shed any tears for death like I had before. That was until I lost my abuelita yesterday morning. I woke up like every other day. My to-do list called for the norm: Make breakfast, feed the animals, clean around the house, etc. Just then, my phone rang. A number from Mexico. I assumed it was only my mother calling to see how I was since she had moved to back Mexico a few months ago. I answered cheerfully, expecting my mother’s strong voice to hit my ear. But, the voice on the other line wasn’t strong. It was shaky and distraught. I asked quickly what was wrong, the panic beginning to take hold. My mother had never been a woman to cry so easily. She broke the news along with my heart. My grandma had died. It was so sudden I felt as if my breath had been stolen from me. I bombarded her with questions in an attempt to find closure. Then, I realized the tears streaming down my face and painting the shirt I wore in sorrow. I was …show more content…
I was bitter and cold towards the people around me. To top it off, everyone and their mother was calling me in attempt to console me or ask about the news. Every single phone call felt like salt being poured into an open wound. Every single “I’m sorry for your loss” sounded like a joke. It was as if the world was mocking me. I was met with incredible confusion and frustration. I just wanted everything to be silent. But, all everyone was trying to do was help. I couldn’t seem to come to my senses and realize that she was old, frail, and it was bound to happen. What I didn’t expect is that it would happen so

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