Personal Narrative: Left Without You

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Left Behind Without You
It is almost November, for many that means Thanksgiving and possibly birthdays. For my family it means something more. November Eleventh is Veterans Day. It is not a big holiday to some but for my family and I, it means saying thank you to our Veterans for what they have done, and the sacrifices they have gone through fighting for the freedoms of our countries and other countries freedoms as well. Operation Iraqi Freedom was the war that my dad fought in, I can remember the day he left as if though it was yesterday and not nine years ago, some times even when you are young you can still remember the occurrence of events like I have. The day started like any Saturday morning in October, at least as it seemed. The
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A few hours later my dad made up a sandwich and I wanted one but my mom told me that I could have one later. We went on a long car ride and came up to a big building a few hours later, there I noticed that my dad was wearing his military clothing. Many others were wearing the same thing. People were crying, you could hear men, women, and children crying. I saw groups of people standing in groups hugging, crying, I saw the tears running down the faces of everyone. I wrapped my arms around my dad's legs as we walked for a while. We stood in one place for a long time and then my dad picked me up and hugged me and hugged my mom. While he was holding me he told me that I could have his sandwich. He also told me that he loved me and that he would always love me, and that he might not come back home, but if he did that we were going to play hide and seek first thing. The there was an …show more content…
When Veterans Day comes I know that there will be the welcome home videos on the news and we see them in history. I cry when I see them, not because I know that they are home, I know how much the family has suffered with a loved one gone. I know how it is to not have a member of a family home with you, and to not know whether or not that the family member was alive or not. I encourage to spend time with your family as much as you can because you never know what will happen in the future. I also Encourage you to say thank you to the veterans and their families on this upcoming veterans day, because when one member is at war the whole family needs support. If you know someone who has family overseas somewhere try to support them, because, trust me they will appreciate it. The memory of my dad leaving will never be forgotten to me anyways. Nor will his homecoming be forgotten but that memoir is for another

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