Descriptive Essay: The Wyoming Backcountry

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The Wyoming backcountry is stunning. There is an infinite blanket of trees in every direction. The sky has two moods either happy: blue with cotton ball clouds or angry: a stormy scary black color. The air smells like sage and pine -- fresh and crisp.
July, 2015, along with 11 close friends, 2 counselors, and a trip leader I went hiking in the backcountry of Wyoming on a 6 day backpacking trip.
The air smells like sage and pine -- fresh and crisp, overpowers the salty, moist smell of the other hikers who have been outside just as long as I. The trail is dusty and smooth as we walk up it. Feeling a cool breeze rustling through the tall trees, I get a slight chill but it feels good during a hot day. Finally on our fourth day it was time for the infamous day hike; previous campers and staff had been talking about it forever.
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We made crafts, went to campfires and sang songs. Life at camp was simple.
After what felt like forever we crested the hill. It was breathtaking. I looked out over the jagged rocky path we had just labored through, I gazed at the sharp Rocky Mountains in the distance and observed the breathtaking deep blue sky beyond that.
Little did I know there was much more to come. We traveled along a narrow path. To the right, a rock wall straight up; sharp and uneven and to the left a steep drop-off with its slippery rocks, it was unforgiving and rickety. The only thing to do was to not look down at the 1,000 feet below me at the winding river. We finally stopped at a small crack in the wall. Our trip leader designated time for reflection on what the outdoors meant to us, and how being in the backcountry has changed us over our past four summers at camp. Being in nature gives me a sense of wonder and an irreplaceable magical feeling. The outdoors are a safe haven away from the craziness of life, they are able to surround and soothe, as well as

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