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  • Descriptive Essay: The Wyoming Backcountry

    backpacking trip. The air smells like sage and pine -- fresh and crisp, overpowers the salty, moist smell of the other hikers who have been outside just as long as I. The trail is dusty and smooth as we walk up it. Feeling a cool breeze rustling through the tall trees, I get a slight chill but it feels good during a hot day. Finally on our fourth day it was time for the infamous day hike; previous campers and staff had been talking about it forever. It started off like any other hike. We collected our food from the bear bags, which we had hung over a tall jagged rock. I could smell our minimal breakfast cooking over a small propane stove, I grabbed my gear and we were off. It started as an uphill trek, climbing and jumping boulder to boulder in a large boulder field. Taking our own path, and relying on our own ability to make it to the top. We were given a destination to meet at, our past experiences propelling us forward. Over our years at camp, we pushed our limits by going horseback riding, fly fishing, and on hiking trips. We made crafts, went to campfires and sang songs. Life at camp was simple. After what felt like forever we crested the hill. It was breathtaking. I looked out over the jagged rocky path we had just labored through, I gazed at the sharp Rocky Mountains in the distance and observed the breathtaking deep blue sky beyond that. Little did I know there was much more to come. We traveled along a narrow path. To the right, a rock wall straight up; sharp and…

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  • The Bear: A Narrative Fiction

    “But I must go the rest of the way on foot and alone. Looking back over his shoulder as he walked away the boy said, “I Hope you’re here when we return, and thanks for the ride.” Titus stopped and looked from tree to tree, but he did not see Hootie anywhere. “The bird must have gone home,” Titus said, looking back at the mule. The rocks they climbed over or walked around before, have now become small, to large boulders. With all the climbing, and walking around the big rocks, it was…

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  • I Want To Be A Music Educator Essay

    driven, and fun. My current motivations now have changed tremendously. I have high goals and expectations for myself. I am going to be very organized, friendly, and driven. So far I have been working as hard as I can work. I have been studying, working, and pushing myself as hard as I am able too. It honestly has been overwhelming already, but I am driven to succeed. I have had the privilege to work with several great musicians and participate in many musical groups. I participated in my…

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  • New Zealand Coastline Essay

    formations that we will be examining are the Moeraki Boulders, Farewell Spit and Pancake Rocks. We will look at the process that has shaped these features, how the process influences the environment around them and how people interact with them. Moeraki Boulders Terrestrial The Moeraki Boulders are found on the Otago coast near the port of Moeraki on Koekohe Beach. They have been formed in mudstone by the precipitation of calcite over time. Erosion of the sedimentary rocks has exposed them from…

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  • Ring Of Fire Analysis

    About 90% of the world's earthquakes happens within the Ring of fire. Scientist go to Prince William Sound to investigate a disaster that happened in 1964 in Alaska. Looking at evidence of how geologically active the area is, boulders and many other types of rocks are found. This meaning that the area has had many earthquakes and eruptions. The boulders have been moved by waves of the ocean.Going in towards the island, the scientist found more boulders about half a mile in. Seeing those boulder…

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  • Keith Basso: A Place In Places

    place-worlds we imagine” (Basso 1996: 7). They can either have descriptive names or commemorative names. Just as specific places are meaningful to the Western Apache, such as “Big Cottonwood Trees Stand Here And There,” “Coarse-Textured Rocks Lie Above In A Compact Cluster,” and “Men Stand Above Here And There,” the Wardroom of NROTC at CU Boulder is a specific place that is meaningful to me and others (Basso 1996: 52-54). This specific place relates to personal and social identity for me and…

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  • Jonbenet Ramsey Research Paper

    The key facts and critical issues of JonBenet Ramsey's death, in my opinion, on December 26, 1996, a little girl by the name of JonBenet Ramsey was mysteriously murdered in her parent’s home located in Boulder, Colorado. JonBenet Ramsey was a beauty pageant queen born to John and Patsy Ramsey in Atlanta, Georgia on August 6, 1990. JonBenet was six at the time of her murder. (Safestein, 2015) She was hit in the head with a blunt object and strangled to her death. According to the autopsy report,…

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  • Patriotism And Penis Art Analysis

    The Patriotism and Penis art in Boulder by Hannah Nordhaus, was a very interesting article to read as a resident of Colorado, The Patriotism and Penis art in Boulder covered an older news story from December 27 2001. The news story discussed how only a few months after the September 11th terrorist attacks people across the US were brandishing the American flag a lot more, so in reaction to the terrorist attacks, some local employees at a public library in Boulder wanted to hang a 10 by 15 foot…

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  • Missteps In The Jonbenet Ramsey Case

    The Causes and Effects of the Missteps in the JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case While a short-staffed police force in Boulder, Colorado investigated the home of John and Patsy Ramsey, their unprofessionalism and disorganization was in the form of avoidable mistakes, irreversible decisions, and the murder case of a six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey turning cold. Many avoidable mistakes occurred during the murder investigation of JonBenet Ramsey, resulting in unsalvageable evidence and new mistakes. The…

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  • The Story Of Sisyphus's Existentialism

    In the story of Sisyphus, if existentialism is best defined as “existence precedes essence”, Sisyphus is an existential hero because of his existential viewpoint on his torture in the underworld and his ability to control his fate. Firstly, Sisyphus’ existential viewpoint on his torture supports his status as an existential hero because Sisyphus’ task of pushing the rock up the hill indefinitely is only considered torture when he acknowledges the desolate essence of his labor. For example,…

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