Integrative psychotherapy

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  • Integrative Approach To Psychotherapy

    Psychotherapy is a field of psychology that is characterized by a diverse range of approaches and techniques. Although most of the therapeutic approaches share the same goals, they have many differences when it comes to the best way to achieve these goals. An integrative approach to counseling therapy was developed by counselors over the years to combine different techniques from different therapeutic systems so that a more complete and efficient treatment can be developed based on the client’s goals. I believe psychotherapy integration is one of the most complete counseling approaches as there isn’t only one technique or strategy that is effective when working with diverse client groups. The three therapeutic systems that will be discussed…

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  • Importance Of Interdisciplinary Curriculum

    Human beings are designed to cooperate and collaborate with systems, their bodies are organisms that work in cooperation. In fact, every aspect of biology is interdependent of each other. Interdisciplinary curriculums with an integrated learning approach (I-I), constitutes an exterior representation of our interior-natural functionality and consequently, a natural way of learning. An overall implementation of an (I-I) methodology in the American educational system will ensure students into…

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  • Interdisciplinary Approach

    To ensure graduate teachers are well equipped for the teaching and learning of interdisciplinary curricular in the twenty-first century, we need to make sure they are prepared with the right skills and knowledge. As a soon to be graduate teacher, I have realised that the interdisciplinary approach has become significant and challenging in the modern curriculum. It is a key concept that has been used throughout all levels of education. A lot of discussions have been made about integrative…

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  • Five Types Of Psychotherapy

    Psychotherapy is the solution of mental disorder using psychology and not by using medical means. In psychotherapy, psychologists apply procedures to patients using psychology to help patients become healthier, and have more effective habits. Psychotherapy is important in our lives because it can help out people with many of their problems. There are five main forms of psychotherapy but three are important and is most famous; they are Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapy, behavior therapy,…

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  • Developmental Supervision Model Analysis

    One avenue of attaining integration is with technical eclecticism which blends approaches from several different techniques never really identifying with one particular theoretical model. Another avenue is theoretical integration which encompasses areas of two or more models to create a more enhanced model. An example of an integrative model of supervision is the discrimination model which centers around three supervision areas: intervention skills, conceptualization skills and personalization…

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  • Humanistic Vs Cognitive Psychology

    “cognitive” emphasizes an individual’s thoughts as cause and means of intervention for abnormal behavior. On the other hand, “humanistic” lets people give power to themselves through relationships with therapists, which ultimately lead to self improvement. Unconditional improving progress in one’s life is insanely important when it comes to self-growth. Lastly, the word “behavioral” utilizes standards of learning to decrease or get rid of troublesome behavior. As far as agreements, all…

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  • Transcendental Counseling Case Study

    Psychotherapy is a general term for treating mental health problems including the abuser of alcohol and drugs by talking with a psychiatrist, psychologist or other mental health provider such as an alcohol and drug abuse counselor. Psychotherapy is also known as talk therapy, counseling, psychosocial therapy or, simply, therapy (Mayo Clinic). Individual psychotherapy counseling sessions, in the area of substance abuse, are typically used to address the addict’s guilt and shame issues arising…

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  • Integrative Model

    supervision were almost non-existent in the field of counseling and counselor education (Bernard, 2005). Although authors, such as, Eckstein and Wallerstein (1958), discussed supervision as early as the 1950’s, there was little research articulating the supervision process separate from traditional psychotherapy. By the late 1970’s, supervision models were being developed, such as, Stoltenburg’s Developmental Model (1981) that specifically addressed supervision and training in counseling. These…

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  • Cognitive Therapy Essay

    It includes emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects(Cleveland). Behavioral therapy is used to help patients with phobic disorders overcome their fears through desensitization which involves exposure to whatever causes their anxiety("Different Approaches to Psychotherapy."). This form of therapy helps the patient overcome the actual cause of anxiety instead of just covering up the symptoms. Though not pleasant for the patient, it has longer lasting effects and helps them learn ways…

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  • Cognitive Therapy Behavior: A Case Study

    facts on the efficacy of CT, even with it being linked to Cognitive behavior therapy. Psychotherapy has a longer lasting effect due to it not needing any added treatment courses than compared to psychopharmacological treatments According to the American Psychological Association (2014).This therapy is utilized for many diagnoses’ some being with depression, anxiety, and emotional disorders. Cognitive therapy concentrates on specific diagnosis associated with feelings, thoughts, and emotions…

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