Personal Narrative: A Trip To Lake Tahoe

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Imagine a place where everywhere you look, you see beauty, everywhere you smell is crisp fresh air. Everywhere surrounding you are ginormous mountains with snow slowly melting and one huge blue body of water. There are trees all over the place, and everywhere you look you see nature and all of God’s creations. This fascinating place is Lake Tahoe, in Nevada. Lake Tahoe is absolutely one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been. I have traveled there many times since I was a little kid till now. I have been very blessed to have been able to go to Tahoe.
Everytime I step out of my car from a long trip to lake tahoe, my whole perspective of life and scenery has changed. Just simply the smell makes me feel alive and renewed. Tahoe is the best
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In Lake Tahoe you have very warm weather in the summer to below freezing in the winter, either way it is always a sight to see!
Snow falling upon my face after being in hot weather was the most incredible feeling in the world. My family and I had just arrived in Lake Tahoe one winters night and we all stepped out of the rv, to snow falling. The weather was crisp and cold, and the snow on my face was freezing but it felt like a feeling that is hard to describe. I was mesmerized, and in awe of the beautiful surroundings of mountains and the lake. Everything in Lake Tahoe has meaning to it, and that meaning is life. How precious and beautiful is life? Everything I see is living and has colors and scents. There are many pine trees in lake tahoe and the scent of them is uplifting and relaxing way better than the smell of pine cleaners. The air in Lake Tahoe is unreal, it moist and cold yet refreshing. The feeling of being cold is amazing and relaxing. One of my most favorite things to do when it snow with my family is going hiking in the snow with big jackets and boots. Trying to hike up the mountain, but I keep getting my boot stuck in the snow, and sometimes it
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I truly enjoy the company of my family, and just to always be with them. Having great people to go on a trip to a beautiful outstanding place just makes it so much more exciting and lively. A favorite memory of mine was going out late at night to the lake and swimming. The atmosphere at night is a lot different than it is at day. In the day it can be quite crowded and sometimes noisy. At night in the summertime it is even more peaceful and the scents and air are different. The air feels warm yet breezy and filled with the scent of pine trees and bark. The water feels a bit warmer because the sun has been beating on it all day. You can’t really see anything below you, and that’s what makes it awesome because it creates a sense of curiosity, but a bit freaky at the same time. Laying on my back in the water and looking up at the stars and the moon, is just a pretty sight. I felt like I could lay there on the water forever and look up to the stars. To really see all of what God has created and how beautiful every little thing is. I sometimes take for granted how beautiful everything really is, just from all of the color and little details on certain things. Just took look at trees and the colors and shapes

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