How To Describe A Small Town Essay

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A small town called Westford, in New York State, that’s where I resided in for eighteen years of my life. Westford is about two hours of the city. The closest grocery store is thirty minutes away, and the nearest hospital is twenty three miles. Westford is all country in every way. Animals ran wild everywhere. Some of the animals you would see are squirrels, quails, chipmunks, deer, and even bear. They were not afraid of anything, until hunting season. The trees are so tall with many colors, red, brown, and yellow in the fall. The summers are so muggy and hot, but growing up there you didn’t notice, but we always swam or had water balloon fights. I remember one winter, we got snowed in our house. We were unable to get out the front door. So we had to go out the sliding glass door over the patio and trek mounds of snow to catch the bus for school. In spring, with my mother’s green thumb, the flowers bloomed beautifully, she had roses. They were so red and plump you would swear they shinned. These are just some of the beautiful things I got to treasure while living here. Sadly, not everyone felt this way about my beloved town of Westford. Outsiders thought of it as run down, or even a town full of hicks. In fact many outsiders would call it Hicksville USA. Some even went as far to say that the …show more content…
Even though as I got older things crumbled, it helped make me who I am today. I try and visit because my dad still lives there, and eventually I’m going to own his home. I have mixed emotions on that though, because I haven’t the slightest idea how I’m going to upkeep it from here in California. Westford New York is where I’m from, and it means to me, because it’s where we spread my mom’s ashes. It’s where I said my final goodbye, and it’s where I started and ended my life in New York in many ways. I ended my life at home, and started a new chapter in California, and it’s starting to be a wonderful

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