Personal Narrative: The Orlando Trip

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Orlando Trip This summer, I went on a trip to Orlando, Florida with the Youth Group of First Baptist Church Oxford. My friend David was the only person that went on the trip that was in my grade. Most of the people that went with us on this trip were juniors and seniors as well as a few people that were going to Ole Miss. This was one of the best trips I had been on in a very long time and a very good life experience for me. The day we were suppose to leave for this trip was on July 5, but David and I had been talking about it ever since the beginning of summer. It was reminded to us every Sunday we showed up in the youth room at our church. We were also going to miss a week of summer workouts for football which are horrible in every way …show more content…
I had underestimated how many blankets I would actually need on the bus. The bus was very cold and felt like a freezer room. But, the worst part of it was that I couldn’t go to sleep. This left me sitting in the bad seat of the bus, with one blanket, freezing. The seat belt on the seat was cutting into my side caused me to toss and turn about every two minutes. I probably only got about two hours of sleep that night, and they were in small increments of about twenty minutes each. Meanwhile, David at this point had been sleeping like a baby and didn’t wake until 4:00am, which was the same time I woke up for the last time. We stayed awake until 6:00am and heard the best thing that could have happened. We were stopping at Cracker barrel to eat breakfast. This was so crucial because I had been starving all night long. I knew I couldn’t eat all the food I brought with me because I wanted to save it for the rest of the trip. We stopped and ate a nice, filling meal at eight o’clock at Cracker Barrel, and after that, we were off on the road again. After not getting enough sleep the night before, I had to get some sleep as we continued on our way to Orlando. I found a great place to sleep that was not crowded or had a seatbelt sticking out of it like the chairs did. And that special place that I found was the floor of the bus. The floor gave off an intense heat which warmed my body as I sat on the floor under a blanket and

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