12th century

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  • 12th Century Castles

    How was the castle during the 5th and 6th century compared to the 12th century castles?the castles in the 5th century wasnt as unique as the 12th century. What was the castles made out of? How was they built? What was they used for ? The castles in the fifth and sixth century was used for housing large groups of people and offered protection for the people. The castles were also used to help defend the country from foreign invaders. They were also made to keep enemies out, and people inside safe from the invaders in the war. The layout of the castles have changed over time, but the base has always stayed the same. But they say the castles are always built on mountains, cliffs or hills.…

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  • Life In 12th Century Japan

    The Japanese, life during the 12th century was like feudalism. The way of life was like chosen by the power rulers (Kings, governors), what they can do, and what they can’t. Life in Tokugawa was very peaceful but it was heavily controlled by the shogunate government. The people who had money, meaning the wealthy family’s was always looking for the land and have more, they tell people to search for them like land and etc. The taxes were very high, by the end of 12th century, there was new rural…

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  • 12th Century Roman Weapons Essay

    Which do you prefer, a short sword or a crossbow? A bag of darts or a set of javelins? These were dominate weapons for armies prior to the invention of gunpowder weapons. Many militaries, like the 5th century Roman empire (which had control of England and much more land) and the 12th century British military (not a fully united kingdom) differed in many ways, but also used many of the same weapons and concepts. The changes in tactics and technology between 5th and 12th century lead to the…

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  • Stratum 600

    The material that made up this story was charred, meaning it burned in the fire. A coin of Antoninus Pius was discovered in the rubble, and can also help give this stratum a date, as well as Stratum 500 an end date that is the mid 2nd century because Pius ruled from 138-161. The start and end date for this layer is the same because it did not take long for the story to collapse and…

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  • Cultural Differences Between 11th And 12th Century

    journey due to middlemen on the trade routes, so they would not have been exposed to such a stark change in cultures. In the 11th and 12th centuries, Europeans were not very open-minded when it came to foreign ideas about politics, philosophies, or religions. China, other than the time when foreign religions were attacked by the Tang dynasty in the 9th century, was generally accepting of different beliefs. The difference in tolerance would play a role in…

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  • Dynasties In Ancient Egypt

    passed to Amenemhat I in 1985 BCE (McIntosh 2014: 26). Amenemhat was known as the founder of the 12th dynasty and he also built a new capital at Itj-tawy, the Kingdom’s administrative “nomes” were fixed (McIntosh 2014: 26). During…

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  • Globalization In The 19th Century

    Globalization Globalization occurs as one of the most novel phenomena that have taken the world by a storm. While much has been hypothesized regarding this phenomenon, it is important to note that there exits distinct factors that drive it. Since the sixteenth century to the present, there are various key factors identified as the key drivers of globalization. Transportation is one of the major factors that have and continue to drive globalization from the sixteenth century to the present. In…

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  • The Old Jewish Prague: The Second Oldest Jewish Cemetery In Europe

    The Old Jewish Prague is the second oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe. You can see gravestones from various historical periods there: long black Gothic ones, marble stones from the 16 th century, typical Renaissance decoration, mighty Baroque gravestones, and some of the Rococo ones. This cemetery was founded in the April 23, 1439 and is the oldest existing graveyard from the 15th century. This Jewish element has been the foundation of the medieval Prague and has a unique look to it since the…

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  • How Did Jesus Christ Changed History

    rejoice in heaven once their time on earth is done. Chinese Make Silk The Chinese knew how to make silk by the 27th century BC, but it wasn’t until the Second Century BC did the creation of silk begin to be exported to Europe and other areas.…

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  • The Seventeenth Century: The High Middle Ages

    Continuing, “The High Middle Ages” (1200-1400), the Gieses broke the era into two centuries; the 13th century was considered the “Golden Century, an era of affluence and growth” in contrast the 14th century of catastrophe and contraction (Gies 166). The 6th chapter is devoted to the High Middle Ages, the authors elaborate on the continuation of technological momentums that the Europeans experienced during this first century of this era. Another advancement that must be mentioned of is the…

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