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  • Fiedler's Contingency Model

    Leader Match is leadership training program developed by Fiedler, Chemers, and Mahar; it is an adaptation of Fiedler’s contingency model (Jago and Ragan, 1986). Taking the contingency theory a step further, Leader Match focuses on the same two factors: leadership style and leadership situation (Jago and Ragan, 1986). The leadership style is determined by the score on the Least Preferred Co-Worker scale (Jago and Ragan, 1986). The situational factor is determined by the leader-member relations, task structure, and leader-position power (Jago and Ragan, 1986). Leader Match leadership training is a self-paced programmed manual which is complete in their own time that takes about four to twelve hours to finish (Fiedler and Mahar, 1979; Leister et al., 1977). At the beginning of the manual, individuals must complete the LPC scale, which will measure their motivation along with helping to interpret their scores (Fiedler and Mahar, 1979). According to Csoka and Bons (1978), each chapter starts with an explanation of the contingency model theory along with a series of short problems. Appropriate feedback is given based on the answer that will assist the individual to optimize the leader style- leader situation match (Csoka and Bons, 1978; Leister et al., 1977). By the end of the manual, individuals will be able to control the type of situation they are in, in theory (Fiedler and Mahar, 1979). STRENGTHS OF LEADER MATCH According to Fiedler and Mahar (1979), they conducted twelve…

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  • Crime Persuasive Speech

    to reduce the numbers of assault in the Gold Coast. Assault is the most common type of violent crime in Australia. In 2010 there was 171,083 assaults Australia wide. Assault is a when a person strikes, touches or applies force to a person, directly or indirectly without the persons consent. This is also can be defined as an bodily act or gesture attempts or threatens a person. Under these circumstances the person threatening the other has actually the ability to effect the other person, this…

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  • Stephen Habar Dependency Theory

    a boom in exports. During 1878- 1880 there was only one port that was accessible to the rail ways and that was Veracruz, but once the railways had connected other cities such as Tampico and Progreso in Yucatan they were able to boom. Cardenas states that with the use of railroads, “the domestic market began its integration in a profound way and new areas of the country were developed.” The development of the railroads also helped out mining that would have had low productivity and also helped…

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  • Trixie V. S. Clover Case Summary

    Austin 's case, Ms. Austin 's relationship with Trixie would not rise to the level of keepership set out in the statute. While Ms. Austin would often make sure Trixie had food and water, with the knowledge of she owner Ms. Mercer, and had treats and food for Trixie at her own home that does not itself establish her as the owner of the dog Trixie. Boylan v. Everett, 52 N.E. 541, 542 (Mass. 1899). While the attack occurred on Ms. Austin 's property, simply having Trixie on her property when the…

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  • Anna Pavlov The Dying Swan

    Anna Pavlova was born on February 12, 1881, in St. Petersburg, Russia. She joined the Imperial Ballet School, were she made her company debut in 1899 and rapidly became a prima ballerina. Her way forward was performing in The Dying Swan in 1905, which became her mark role. She then joined the Ballet Russe in 1909 and formed her own company in 1911. Pavlova died in 1931, after contracting double pneumonia while on tour. Because Anna graduated as a coryphée, she was able to bypass the typical…

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  • Wilfrid Laurier's Decision To Participate In The Boer War

    The foreign policy decision this paper explains is the decision of Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier to join Britain in the Boer war in 1899 and how imperialism played into this decision. The war for South Africa’s independence, commonly known as the Boer War where Britain and regions of the British empire fought the South African Republic with the support of its colonies, the war ended with the annexation of the republic with victory for Britain. During this time Canada was still under the severe…

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  • Comparison Of Anton Chekhov's 'The Lady With The Pet Dog'

    Not the Dogs! Anton Chekhov wrote the short story “The Lady with the Pet Dog” in 1899; in 1972 Joyce Oates retold Chekhov’s story by the same name. Oates’s retelling of Chekhov’s story is from the woman’s perspective rather than the man 's; some critics claim that Chekhov’s version is superior, and I am inclined to agree. Chekhov’s version of the story is more interesting than Oates’s version due the use the setting, structure, and perspective. Both Chekhov’s and Oates’s versions use setting…

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  • Winston Mr Churchill A Hero

    What is a hero to you? A hero is someone who does something brave and does the right thing. Their heroic actions could change the world forever. A hero puts their life in front of others. A hero is courageous. Someone who is a hero does things that other people at the time never thought humanly possible or sane. Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill was one of the greatest British heroes of the world because of the life he led, his achievements in World War II and other wars, and the historical…

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  • A Formidable Force: The Spanish American War

    busy for another two years. In January of 1899, Spain removed the rest of their military forces from Cuba, but it was not until April of 1899 that both countries signed and proclaimed the document. On February 6, 1899, president McKinley signed the treaty, and on March 19th, the Queen of Spain authorized the document. But not until April of 1899 did the United States publicly proclaim the Treaty to be in effect. In the Treaty of Paris, Spain was to cede the Philippines to America. The…

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  • Heart Of Darkness Civilized Analysis

    Conrad’s way of representing Africa and portraying natives as niggers and common savages shows how indigenous Africans are considered “uncivilized” through the use of harsh words to them. They were treated brutally by the Europeans and were treated as slaves. In the book Heart of Darkness Conrad shows how the natives were depicted as savages by the Europeans that colonized the area. European discrimination against the Africans is clearly described in this book, as the protagonist, Marlow in…

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