Gothic Revival architecture

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  • Islamic Architecture Influence On Gothic Architecture

    Smokestacks and Spires A Brief Examination of Gothic Architecture and its Revival The late European medieval period saw the development of what we refer to today as Gothic architecture. Through new technological and design innovations, Europeans built awe-inspiring buildings to house their most precious institutions: royal palaces, castles and cathedrals--many of which remain largely untouched by time’s flow centuries later. Drawing from ancient Roman technological advances, the Gothic tradition made heavy use of architectural features such as arches, vaults and buttresses to create buildings that were not only structurally sound, but beautiful as well. Many centuries later, these buildings became nostalgic symbols of a simpler and better time. Craftspeople…

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  • Stone Architecture: The Basilica Of Saint-Denis

    James has an lantern tower above the crossing, shedding light onto the altar and the relic of Saint James. Pointed arches, ribbed groin vaults, and external buttresses are all used in Romanesque architecture, but are not combined optimally to bear the most weight, so thick walls and columns must be used and the crushing weight of the bulky stone architecture is noticeable to the viewer. The interior is often heavily decorated with paint and carvings. Illustrating this style, the piers of Durham…

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  • St Pauls Cathedral Analysis

    Paul’s Cathedral was in purposed to replace the other cathedral that is Charles Webb’s St Paul’s Cathedra so to fulfil the religion need. Therefore, In Victoria, St Paul ‘s Cathedral becomes the core of the Church of England. Thirdly, The cathedral also helped to provide extra Christian Service for the public as the population is growing dramatically in Melbourne6. Style St Paul’s Cathedral is built in Gothic Style, which were half Early English and half decorated7. The cathedral is a mixed…

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  • Goth Symbolism In Gothic Art

    used to describe a unique subculture with its own style of music, fashion, and aesthetic. The dark, often gloomy Goth symbolism was influenced by Gothic fiction, particularly horror movies. Forget the association of the word "Gothic" to dark, ghostly pale people wearing black lipstick and fishnets. The original Gothic style was actually developed to bring happiness into people 's lives, and especially into their churches. Gothic style developed in Europe during the Middle Ages. It was mainly a…

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  • Architect's Dream Analysis

    In depicting architecture, the portrayal of or absence of people is always important as the function of architecture always involves people. Outside of the Egyptian and Greek temples, there are many people, with some wearing white. These people seem to be practicing their religions, as evidenced by the fires and the lining up of people. Another example of human activity are the boats in the river, which is a reference to another one of Cole's works, The Course of Empire: Consummation,…

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  • Native American Culture Architecture Analysis

    of the culture Europe brought over mainly appeared across the Eastern seaboard (and some parts of the West) where the New World was gaining momentum. The beauty of architecture is every country has their own personal style. What separates America is the diversity that has inspired architecture up to this point. Numerous stylings such as Georgian, British colonial and Spanish colonial that originated in parts of Europe have carried over to America permanently to provide a sense of culture that…

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  • Essay On Gothic Cathedrals

    Medieval Church: Gothic Cathedral The architecture of the medieval Gothic cathedrals is one of the greatest glories of European culture. Since the twelfth century, Gothic art and literature in Europe had become very popular, and were soon brought to perfection in the thirteenth century. The first Gothic cathedral was the abbey of Saint-Denis (built around 1140 and 1150 ce); it was inspired by the famous Abbot Suger. This cathedral was burned down twice and without the reconstruction of it,…

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  • The Stone Of Venice Essay

    Stones of Venice went over the history of the three eras of architecture: Bzyantine, Gothic, and Renaissance. In his analysis he talked about what he thought each art style met to him and what it met to others. It is also noteworthy to mention that Ruskin was a Victorian writer, art critic, thinker and artist. He also published this work in three volumes between 1851 and 1853. Ruskin also made the argument that the Gothic style was actually preferable to the Renaissance style. The beginning of…

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  • Analysis: The National Cathedral

    The National Cathedral is known for its massive size and impressive gothic architecture. I used to think that a gothic cathedral meant tall and pointy. I was certainly wrong. Learning about different cathedrals in this course helped me understand and identify the three specific elements that make up a gothic cathedral; flying buttresses, pointed arches, and ribbed vaults. But that is not actually what architecture is usually judge on. Vitruvius, a Roman architect, believed that the three…

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  • Analysis Of St. Margaret's In The Shadow Of The Abbey

    growing up around the Abbey dividers, and was constantly expanded further by a various horde of persons who, for good or for terrible reasons, looked for the safe house of the Sanctuary, brought here a congregation up in the round curved Saxon style, and committed it to St. Margaret. Another record speaks to the lord as essentially meaning to advantage the respectable occupants of the area. Whichever record is valid, at all occasions one thing is sure—in particular, that Edward was the…

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