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  • Star Of David Symbols

    symbol to have significance, its meaning must be known to the viewer. The Star of David was a six pointed hexagram that did not originate from Judaism, however it affected a large amount of the Jews lives, it also contributed to amulets…

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  • I Ching Research Paper

    Because these are all unbroken lines, this hexagram provides an “unrestricted outpouring of benevolent energy from the heavens,” making it possible to progress quickly and profoundly, attaining success. (Walker) However, one must remain humble, accepting and righteous in order to receive this assistance from the Universe. The second hexagram, K’un, the Receptive, is composed of only broken lines and its image earth, making it the perfect compliment to chi’en. The broken line represents the…

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  • Chinese Belief Analysis

    Chinese tradition used bones and tortoise shell lines to read what the future held. The ancient book known as Yijing (I Ching) meaning the book of changes was used to construe life in hexagram form (Molloy 2013 p208). The Yihing traces back to yang and yin. The hexagram consists of two trigrams, each line representing either yang or yin. The Shamans, who performed these rituals, would toss coins or sticks into the air and determine their meaning based upon the order they landed and record that…

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  • Popular Religious Pendants

    also hang a Khamsa around animals to safeguard their health. It is serves as the protective hand of God. The Christian Cross: The cross is the symbol of Christians across the world from ages, but not always. In many early civilizations Tau equal-armed cross used to represent god and goddesses. In Christianity, Lord Jesus was crucified and died on the cross. When Christians wear cross pendants it reminds them of the sacrifice Jesus made for them and the existence of God’s love. The Jewish Star of…

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  • Leibniz's Number System

    Leibniz worked frequently with binary. The hexagrams previously mentioned come from an ancient Chinese king and philosopher called Fu Xi, who is said to be the father of Chinese writing. Leibniz wanted to understand the writing system so that he could further his goal of creating a global scientific community (Ryan). Leibniz wrote to one of his Jesuit correspondents in China who immediately related the binary system Leibniz described to the works of Fu Xi. Discovering the binary system in the…

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  • Cultural Differences In Vietnamese Culture

    Vietnamese people. Please understand, this is not the culture of Buddhism. The first group believes that a temple is a sacred place. Tet Day is regarded as the first day of a year. If they go to the temple that day, they believe their whole year will be a blessing. They will be blessed by a Buddha, providing that luck and peace will come throughout the year. They will not be afraid to bathe themselves in an area of smoky incenses in front of the Buddhist altar. They pick a branch of…

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  • Chou's Language Synthesis Essay

    dialectical monism, the unbroken line represents Yang, while the broken line represents Yin. Yin and Yang then combine to create the eight trigrams representing different basic principles of reality, and pairs of trigrams combine to create the sixty-four hexagrams, which I Ching explains in every detail. Every line, every position, every trigram, and every hexagram have different significances, meanings, and functions. Chou translates these eight trigrams into the eight variable modes. He…

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  • Star Of David Research Paper

    The modern day Star of David is a primary Jewish symbol made up of two interlocking triangles with six points ( hexagram ). The Star of David is also on the flag of Israel; today it may seem like a harmless symbol of religion, but in 1933 this symbol was the difference between life and death. Millions of Jews were killed simply because of their beliefs. Six million men, women and children all sentenced to death. Children above the age of 6 were forced to sew a yellow patch shaped like the Star…

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  • Attitudinal Daoism I: Anarchism

    contains a multitude of gods. Taoism drew its cosmological notions from the tenets of the School of Yin Yang, and is heavily influenced and informed by the acknowledged oldest text of ancient Chinese classics, the I Ching, which prescribes a system of philosophical thought on the ethics of human behaviours based on articulating cycles of change in the natural and social worlds by means of hexagrams, and includes instructions for divination practice still adhered to by modern-day religious…

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  • Life In Ancient China

    accurate view of the past provides a clear explanation as to how countries from centuries ago still thrive today. Early Chinese history is shaped by major events that occurred amongst four dynasties. Invaders changed life in India and affected their cultures and values. Different religions began to rise from invaders and change the Indus River valley civilizations. The first dynasty that shaped early Chinese history was the Shang Dynasty. It was established by King Tang from 1700 to 1045 BCE.…

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