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  • Defour Film Analysis

    Detour Detour is a 1945 film noir directed by Edgar G. Ulmer starring Tom Neal and Ann Savage. The film starts off by a piano player Al Roberts drinking coffee at a diner while hitchhiking east from California and song plays on the jukebox which reminds him of his former life in New York City. In the flashback, we learn that Al was bitter about his talent going to waste in a cheap nightclub and so was his girlfriend, so she decided to seek fame in Hollywood, leaving him behind. Later, he decides that he cannot live without her and wants to marry her, leading him to hitchhike his way across the country. In Arizona, Al hitchhikes on a ride from Charles Haskell who is going all the way to Los Angeles to place a bet on a horse, and during this ride he asks Al to pass him pills many times. At night, Al is driving while Haskell is asleep and it starts to rain, so Al tries to wake him up but is unable to. Al then opens the passenger door and Haskell falls out, hitting his head on a rock, and then Al realizes that he is dead. Out of fear that he police will believe that he killed him, he drags out the dead body from the road, steals his clothes, money, ID, and car…

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  • Monologue In The Lon

    that nothing slips by him. A hard-boiled must be able to do this to succeed at his job. This is something many detectives will do in the film noir genre. 2 This image and the scene it is from in Detour(1945, Edgar Ulmer) shows the typical elements of film noir through lighting, sound and other elements of film. In this scene Al’s inner monologue in able to be heard before there is a flashback. The inner monologue is a very common element of film noir. Films like Double Indemnity and The Long…

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  • Fangirl Themes

    I am the second type of person, which is why I noticed that these two books, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and Alex Approximately by Jenn Bennett, have a great theme that blares out at you. The theme that stuck out to me was, "Life may not be leading you on the path you planned. But, in life, it is okay to take a detour." The first book that I will be comparing the theme to is Fangirl. The theme of taking a detour really relates to this story considering it is all it ever goes on about. For Cath,…

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  • Critical Review Of Péter Pongrácz's Argument

    A Critical Summary of Péter Pongrácz et al, 2005, The pet dogs ability for learning from a human demonstrator in a detour task is independent from the breed and age, Applied Animal Behavior Science 90, pp 309-323. Using a detour task around a V-shaped transparent fence, Péter Pongrácz et al (2005) researched the pet dogs’ problem solving ability and capacity to learn from human, in this case from its owner. The main result was that there is no significant differences between breeds or dogs with…

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  • Police Agency Roles

    Patrol work is the most visible symbols of law enforcement. Patrol officers have many functions. Some of roles and functions include, information gathering, apprehension, traffic violations, crime fighting, mediators, protect life and property, and maintain order and public safety (Walker, Katz, 2011). The biggest role patrol work has to detour crime by officer presences. There are several patrol types that have different roles and functions. A directed patrol focuses on an issue, target…

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  • Resilience Motivation And The Attribution Theory

    The biggest takeaway from reading and discussing High Price is that, although Dr. Hart had numerous struggles he faced such as, poverty, lack of parental guidance, being a first-generation student and more. Through it all, he never allowed the burning desire in him to dim, he preserved through all the challenges and remained diligent. When life took unexpected detours, he quickly administered another idea to suit the situation. The major themes throughout this reading I can strongly relate to…

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  • Waking Up Analysis

    I have to pay attention to in order to not be late to my classes. It takes me about eight minutes to get to the business college on my moped without any traffic. There are train tracks that I have to cross on my route. A problem can occur is if a train is crossing during my commute and I am stuck waiting anywhere from five to ten minutes until the train has crossed and I am clear to go. Also, any kind of traffic or unforeseen road closure due to an accident can cause a detour in my route to the…

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  • Everyday Life: The Scientific Method

    blocks or detours that cause delays. This can make many people late for work because it is not in the normal route or routine. When bottle-necked into heavy traffic the first thing that is done is a question is asked, why has traffic stopped so suddenly and caused the roadblock or detour. When conducting background research quickly to make an informed decision, usually then, one can look for road signs or turn on the radio to hear traffic reports and updates. Sometimes even, people may have…

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  • Reflective Essay: What Is Your Typical Thanksgiving?

    It was a boughten pie from Sam’s Club, and not to mention completely mushy. I can easily say that I missed having home-made pies for Thanksgiving. Then, my grandparents left and I made cinnamon rolls. I made cinnamon rolls because we used to always make cinnamon rolls the day before Thanksgiving. Then, on Thanksgiving morning we would eat cinnamon rolls before we went hiking. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the always the hike. The day after Thanksgiving this year, I went hiking with my…

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  • Charley By John Steinbeck Summary

    Texas to go back to New York. All along the way, Steinbeck describes the landscape, the people and the incidents he meets. On his road, he meets once a waitress that changes his plans. She tells him about Deer Isle and that if he has never been there, he has to. She calls a friend to welcome him. As he is expected, he sets forth but then gets lost. Finally he finds Deer Isle and recognises it was a good detour. Although Steinbeck had planned his journey, he drifts with the indications and the…

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