Leland Stanford

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  • Huntington's Characteristics

    Huntington, Huntington, Huntington, Collis P. Huntington is who many consider to be the head of the Central Pacific railroad. The reason why it all came together, so to speak. Huntington was always a brash businessman. He even had the audacity to claim the Eiffel tower wasn’t profitable. Huntington was a man who was in it all for profit. I understand that the big four, the men responsible for the Central Pacific Railroad: IE Huntington, Leland Stanford, Crocker and Hopkins may have worked together, but it was Huntington who really wanted the money above all. Characteristics like this allow one to believe that these men were villians. Let me explain. According to the Chris Matthews of the SF gate, Huntington was a malicious business man who…

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  • Comparison Of Leland Stanford: Philanthropist And American Visionary.

    In Defense of Leland Stanford: Philanthropist and American Visionary Introduction: Leland Stanford was a powerful man who used his social and political position to better America as a whole. He worked hard to be successful and is a true example of an American success story. He helped pave the way for rapid settlement of the west, and he provided opportunities for people in America. Stanford was one of four major businessmen and philanthropists who helped develop the west. Stanford helped…

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  • Madoff: The Cause Of White Collar Crime

    their trust. Allen Stanford comes in at second place for America’s largest Ponzi scheme ever and he was able to do the same with the Stanford International Bank. Allen Stanford may not have stolen as much money as Madoff, but the eccentric man was still able to steal billions.…

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  • Project Loon Essay

    Some might ask, “What is a project loon?” A project loon is described as “balloon-powered Internet for everyone”. (2) The balloons are fifteen meters across and are filled with helium. The altitude of these balloons is about twenty kilometers. The balloons contains solar-powered electronics inside a boxy gondola. These electronics send high-speed cellular Internet coverage to devices. The balloon has special software that guides these balloons while they are in flight. Project Loon is named for…

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  • Brock Turner Analysis

    On January 17th and 18th 2015, Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner sexual assaulted an unconscious woman near a fraternity house. Brock Turner was drunk from a party when he got arrested at the night of the event. During his trial, Dan A. Turner, the father of Brock Tuner, wrote a letter to the judge name Aaron Persky about his son. The letter explains how his son is handling the difficult situations at home after the event occurred. The father blames Brock’s mistake on drinking and…

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  • Sergey Brin: Affluence In American Culture

    system that allows users to find information not only by keywords and citations, but by the number and quality of links that sets each result apart, which makes this search engine preeminent. Sergey Brin, one of the Google co-founders, was born in Moscow,Russia, and immigrated to the United States with his family at the age of six. For some native-born Americans, the life story of Sergey Brin might seem like fiction, but this Russian immigrant continues to redefine the American…

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  • Steve Jobs Informative Essay

    Steve Jobs can be considered an American icon. He helped create a society filled with technological advances no person could have ever imagined. In 2005, Jobs presented a commencement speech at Stanford University that captured the hearts of many people through his use of emotion and rhetoric. By breaking down his speech into three parts he was able to develop one overlying theme, never give up until you find something you love. The three stories he decided to share included connecting the…

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  • Cisco Research Papers

    Cisco Company Paper Cisco Systems Incorporated is a networking equipment company that was founded in San Francisco, California. It is found in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ 100, and the S&P 500. Cisco is also the largest networking company. Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner founded it in December in 1984.When it was created; the technologies that Cisco was using were bizarre at the time, and not many people had ever heard of fit before. The current CEO of Cisco is Chuck Robbins. Cisco…

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  • Is Google Making You Smarter?

    Carr and Shirky disagree with the idea of what the social structure around the internet should be. Shirky in the “Does the Internet make you Smarter?” he believes that we can create a social structure that will change the way we use and see the internet. While Carr in the “Is the Internet Making Us Stupid?” he thinks that it is impossible to create a positive social structure around the internet. In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Carr has this idea that the internet is making us…

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  • The Role Of The Internet In Indonesia

    Bali is one of the most popular destinations and one of the leading tourist destinations in Indonesia (Jones Lang LaSalle, 2015). The number of international visitors has increased in the concluding four years. There were 2.892.019 international visitors who visited Bali in 2012 and increased to 4.001.835 visitors at the reminder of 2015 (Bali Provincial Tourism Office Centre, 2016). According to the Statistic Centre of Bali Provincial, the amount of 1-star to 5-stars hotels have developed from…

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