Comparison Of Leland Stanford: Philanthropist And American Visionary.

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In Defense of Leland Stanford: Philanthropist and American Visionary

Leland Stanford was a powerful man who used his social and political position to better America as a whole. He worked hard to be successful and is a true example of an American success story. He helped pave the way for rapid settlement of the west, and he provided opportunities for people in America. Stanford was one of four major businessmen and philanthropists who helped develop the west. Stanford helped the American economy by employing immigrants, and creating new job opportunities. His ideas about what a democracy should look like in America were visionary.

Through hard work and perseverance, Leland Stanford rose to a new class of wealthy
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He went from living in a middle class farming family to being one of the “Big Four”, a group of the most powerful businessmen, philanthropists and railroad tycoons in the world. He passed the bar exam in 1848 and went on to practice law in Port Washington, Wisconsin. In 1852 his law library burned in a fire and he moved to California with his brothers, where he got into the business world by running a general store that sold mining supplies. This was a very intelligent order of business because of the demand for mining supplies during the Gold Rush. This was just one example of his hard work and industriousness. Later he founded the well known Stanford University. Thus showing us that he worked and earned his way to wealth and fame through being a governor, state senator, and successful businessman. The people voted for him because they believed what he wanted for them and his political views. Being born into a middle class family to go on and create a very prestigious university and aid in the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad. In which all of these things have created success and movement further in America. The railroad made a huge impact on

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