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  • Elementary School Physical Education Observation

    I along with 8 other of my classmates were able to go and visit Hillcrest Elementary School in Enterprise, Alabama. The purpose of observing Hillcrest was to observe elementary school physical education. Most people think that physical education teachers are not ver important in the school system. Most think they just let their students run around and play. When observing Mrs. Weeks who was the head physical education teacher nothing of the sort came into play. She incorporates classroom rules, structure, and safety. Her activity plan for the day was nothing less of learning and fun. Classroom rules, activities, learning experience, equipment, and the assessment are all the tools we were able to observe at Hillcrest. Hillcrest Elementary School is a great place for kids to learn and develop in physical education. The activity scheduled had an objective that was to allow the students to work on their rhythm along with including physical activity. The equipment used for the students to carry out this objective were crates, balls, drum sticks, pool noodles (cut to the size of drumsticks), computer, speakers, and projector. The classroom was set up with the small balls in the front of the classroom sitting on the floor with drum sticks. Behind the two horizontal rows of the small balls there were crates and on top of the crates or buckets were bigger medicine balls with drum sticks/ pool noodles. The computer was used to pull up videos of an example of the movements the…

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  • Changing Through Positivity: Personal Narrative

    it might be able to flip the situation around in the real world, as it did with my Junior Districts audition. It was late fall of 8th grade when Mr. Wright explained that Junior Districts was a program that had 7th through 9th graders audition to participate in an advanced band, orchestra, or jazz band. I had tried out on mallets for Junior Districts in 7th grade. That audition was both a failure and a lesson to practice more before auditioning for Junior Districts, because qualifying on…

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  • Music Education Autobiography

    The staff of the drumline was inconsistent and changed every year, and all the pit instructors happened to be college students who did drumline in high school and were inexperienced teachers. During my senior year, our pit instructor was only able to show up to half of the rehearsals, and did not do much to help us improve while she was there. In previous years, I had helped teach the rookies some technique tips and helped them memorize their music, but by senior year, I was forced to take on a…

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  • Timpani Instrumentation

    The development of percussion throughout centuries has been a long evolution of varied instruments that have greatly affected the way people hear and understand music. Since time began, humans have used percussion instruments to accompany their music, dances, and rituals. In the West, percussion in the orchestra gradually evolved and grew over time into a powerful section of the group, with an imposing range of tools and roles at its disposal (Gagné). In recent times, non-Western percussion has…

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  • Essay On Drum Set

    It is hard to picture the Beatles without Ringo or Led Zeppelin without Bonham. These drummers many not be front and center, but they are the back bone to the band. And without the Drum set these drummers would have never been. Jazz or Rock n Roll or Pop music wouldn’t be the same without the invention and evolution of the drum set. The drum set took over a century to become what it is today. The drum set is an American instrument and through its development it has reflected the way America has…

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  • Analysis: The Elkhorn Band Olympics

    The percussion section of our band was preparing to lose a large number of seniors by the next fall. As freshmen, we had to prove that we could hold our own and continue to represent our section and our band as a whole with complete and utter confidence. During freshman year, we are allowed to compete in a band festival known as the Elkhorn Band Olympics. Anyone who wants to go to E.B.O. is allowed, as long as they are able to prepare a solo, duet, or ensemble. There are numerous students from…

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  • Reflective Essay: My First Semester At Ohio State

    After completing my first semester at Ohio State, I can already tell I am part of something very special. Granted, when I was accepted and when I made my decision to attend, I started to get the feeling that this would be the case. Growing up, I didn’t really think that this would be my case or story, but looking back on it, I am so happy it is. I was born in 1998 in Toledo, Ohio. Toledo as always been the place I call home, and I have spent most of my time in Ohio as well. I know the…

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  • Career Essay: A Career As A Percussion Player

    Whenever someone has free time they usually find something fun to do. As for myself, I found that audio engineering; lighting and special effects design, playing and learning about percussion instruments, and anything electronic or technical related are great things to play around with. When I was a little kid, I always played with different toys of mine that either ran on batteries, or that plugged into an electrical socket and/or took my toys apart so see how they worked. So, from that moment…

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  • Tabernaculo De Dios Filadelphia

    On October 1, 2016, I attended Tabernaculo de Dios Filadelphia (Spanish Pentecostal church) special service that can be considered a mini concert. This concert took place in a small church pastored by two elderlies named Angel & Esther Carrasquillo. Pastors Carasquillos are not only pastors but their first ministry back in Puerto Rico was music. They’ve been in the music ministry since they were 15 years old and they are now in their late seventies so they have quite the knowledge and experience…

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  • Percussionist Analysis

    first long-term goal. In my school, there were only three percussionists in my grade and if one of us quit it would've killed the rhythm section in the band, so we all vowed never to quit. I took that vow extremely seriously and remembered it whenever I felt like giving up in the years to come. Likewise, in 5th grade, the high school jazz band performed at my school and totally blew me away, so I made a long-term goal and promised myself that I would one day be in that band. Finally making the…

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