Police Agency Roles

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In order for policing agency to be successful and stop crime a police organizations must be setup. This gives police agencies a chain of command and structure. It is also important that every agency knows their roles and responsibilities as it applies to the law. Each policing agency either falls under Federal, State, or local agencies. Knowing this enables the different policing agency to know what laws to enforce in their area of responsibility. Each agencies roles and functions are set forth through each agencies civil service system. Another factor that helps a policing agency become successful, is knowing the function and roles of patrol work.
In every police organization the main role of a police organization is to prevent crime,
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Like Federal Law Enforcement agencies, their roles and functions are the same. Also like Federal law enforcement, state law enforcement has multi Law Enforcement agencies that work for the state. Example of some of the agencies are Department of fish and game, State port authority, Department of Corrections, and many more agencies that the state has designed to handle that’s states policing missions. Each state has jurisdiction and authority of its state. Each state is responsible for it policing organizations throughout its own state. Federal Law enforcement is the only policing agency that has jurisdiction and authority that supersedes over any states jurisdiction and …show more content…
Patrol work is the most visible symbols of law enforcement. Patrol officers have many functions. Some of roles and functions include, information gathering, apprehension, traffic violations, crime fighting, mediators, protect life and property, and maintain order and public safety (Walker, Katz, 2011). The biggest role patrol work has to detour crime by officer presences.
There are several patrol types that have different roles and functions. A directed patrol focuses on an issue, target area, or person. An aggressive patrol is another type of patrol. This type of patrol is meant to attract attention to detour crime. Another patrol type is called saturation patrol. This type of patrol uses a whole bunch of resources in one geographic area to detour crime. The last type of patrol is integrated patrol. This type of patrol uses all the different patrols like random patrolling and other intensive tactic to detour crime (Walker, Katz,

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