Ray Tensing's Blue Wall Of Silence

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Secrecy is a common factor in the government, they will always hide something from society. It could be to protect us or just to avoid something even bigger. A police officer role is to “serve and protect the community” by enforcing the law in a safe way to those that break it. Every citizen have the right to be treated fairly in this country. Police officers are supposed to help the community follow the law, by making sure that everything is in order and no one is acting illegal. Their goal is supposed to be to make them feel safer. Make the community trust them and leave with no fear.
The blue wall of silence is referred to the loyalty among police officers. That focuses on if you witness something illegal or wrong in your fellow
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Mr. Tensing, who is white, alleges that Samuel DuBose, a black man who had been stopped for a missing front license plate, put his life in danger by starting the car, and he fear that his life was in danger. His side of the story was corroborated by two other officers. The problem was that the prosecutor prove that his body camera show a completely different scenario. In the video you can see how Mr. Dubose was slowly going away, when Tensing suddenly fire a single shot causing him to fall backward after firing. Tensing didn’t have a strong motive to fire arm towards the car, and the others two officers should said the truth (Patrik Jonsson, 2015). This case is the type of cases where we can see how the “blue code’ works everywhere. How the two partners agree with his story even if they knew it was a …show more content…
Citizens are losing faith in the law, they don’t feel safe anymore. Community see the police as the “enemy”. One of the main reasons for that is the famous “stop and frisks” act, that happened when a police officer is suspicious that someone is carrying a weapon, by that, they have the right to run their hands all over the suspect body to make sure everything is good. The problem with this action is that some police officers use police brutality and use the “stop and frisks” as an excuse. In 2009 there was a case where a police officer named Polanco, was suspended because his Commissioner gave the order to target teenage in their way home from school and he didn’t agreed with that. Polanco broke the “blue code” and said everything in an interview with ABC News, what cost him his job (Graham Kates, 2012).
Police officers who come forward and decided not to be part of this “blue code” are the second victims here. As I said before in the Polanco case, when they decide to report the crime or misconduct of their fellow partner, they’ve to say good bye to their careers. Once they report something they start to be reject and bully by their partners, they treat them like

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