Essay On Corruption In The New Orleans Police Department

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g Head: The corruption in the New Orleans Police Department
Although police officers take an oath to protect and serve citizens in our society. we have some officers that our corrupt and willing do anything just to protect themselves from being exposed from their unethical behavior. In 1994 three officers from New Orleans police department committed an unspeakable crime murder for hire and a violent drug gang. The killing of Kim grove’s was thirty-two years old and was gunned down by police officer that was there to protect her instead they killed her.
In the 1990’s, the justice department said that New Orleans was the highest state in the country with more complaints of police brutality. In 1994 officer Len Davis was accused of conspiring
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Len Davis was informed by one of his co-workers that Kim grove’s came in the New Orleans police department and report him. Once Davis found out about the report he was furious about the complaint and denied it. Officer Davis then paged hardy’s pager “saying, can I get P to come and do that whore now and then can handle the 30.” The police code 30 meant a signal for homicide. Davis was heard looking for Grove’s in the neighborhood describing how skin color and the color of her jeans that she had on in his conversation at 10:43 PM Davis said to Harvey” I got the phone on the radio. After its done. Go straight uptown and call me.” Kim grove only had one hour to live after reporting Len Davis, Grove’s died after being shot once in head. Len Davis was recorded celebrating her death, saying “yeah, yeah yeah!” and he yelled out saying “Rock, rock –a bye.” Davis had paid Hardy $300.00 for killing grove (Mustian, …show more content…
There was so many complaints against Davis from 1987 -1992 most of the complaints were brutality and physical intimidation. In one case officer Davis was suspended from his job for fifty-one days for hitting a woman in the head with a flash light. Davis supervisor had ignored many complaints from citizens that was made about him. A year earlier before Davis arrest, a drug dealer named Terry Adams had complained to the Federal Bureau of Investigation that the police were extorting him for thousands of dollars in exchange for protection, this is when the feds starting investigating the known as operation as shattered shield this is when Running Head: The corruption in the New Orleans Police Department undercover agents pose as a drug dealer and they would hang around buildings were cocaine is being sold. According to federal prosecutors, nine New Orleans police officers including Len Davis were indicted on federal weapon and drug charges. The grand jury indicted nine police officers had accepted more than $97,000 in bribes for protecting a drug trafficking ring. (winters,

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