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  • Auschwitz: The Final Solution

    soon became the centre of “The Final Solution”. The camp was then modified to contain people of the jewish religion, gypsies, mentally handicapped, and physically handicapped. Auschwitz generated a large profit for the war effort. Many aspects of Auschwitz were used to make money to support the Jewish army. Slave labor was a large influence in World War 2. Slave labor gave Germany a large advantage in the war, but it was also a large responsibility for the German military. The hair of shaved inmates were sold or used to make clothing and pillows. Many quarries and mines were in Auschwitz. Munition factories and electrical plants also took place in Auschwitz. Many weapon factories were staffed in Auschwitz to support the war efforts. Rudolf Hoss was the first official commander of Auschwitz. Heinrich Himmler was another commander of Auschwitz, and also a large influence in the construction and modification of Auschwitz. He was also a large influence on the processes and mechanical ideas of how Auschwitz worked. Himmler was also the commander of the nazi police, also called the “Schutzstaffel”. The Schutzstaffel was the nazi police responsible for finding jews, gypsies, or handicapped people hiding in Germany or Poland. All jews who were found hiding were immediately dent to Auschwitz or one of the sub camps in Poland. After the inmates arrived at Auschwitz, they were completely separated by gender. The men were separated from the women and then were registered. Part of…

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  • Don Nardo's 'Life In A Nazi Concentration Camp'

    and they packed their suitcases with shoes, clothes, and other items. When they arrived their suitcases were taken from them and their jewelry would be taken from them and they were given different outfits to change into. Very soon they realized that concentration camps were not as they were advertised. They were put to work immediately and realized how hard the next few years were going to be. Auschwitz was created in 1940 and was the largest concentration camp to ever be built and was first…

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  • The Holocaust: The Nazi Concentration Camp

    Concentration Camps… the place that tore families apart, the place where Nazi’s torchered, ruined, and killed Jewish prisoners. It all started in the month of May 1949. There were 24 concentration camps. Auschwitz, the largest concentration camp, was the worst of them all because of the many gas chambers, poor living conditions, and the death marches that killed millions of Jews. Most Concentration Camps contained one or two gas chambers. But Auschwitz had eight gas chambers. Auschwitz had…

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  • Art-Based Curriculum: Waldorf Schools

    Waldorf Schools are private, equivocal and non-denominational programs with an art-based curriculum. In 1919, the first Waldorf school was founded by Philosopher Rudolf Steiner in response to the trauma gripping Central European youth following World War 1 (Regeneration, 2017). Due to its unique curriculum, Waldorf schools remain relatively ambiguous to the general public. When first making contact with this pedagogy, people tend to find certain peculiarities within the school that may provoke…

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  • Biodynamic Farming: A Case Study

    The aim of this paper is to explore biodynamic farming as it specifically relates to viticulture. Biodynamic practices may have an impact on not only the health of vineyard soil and crop, but also enology. According to Trippetts, Count Carl von Keyserlingk of Germany requested a group of farmers and doctors to address the problem of declining soil and crop quality in Europe (Tippetts, 2012). Biodynamics was developed to answer this request. In the 1920s Dr. Rudolf Steiner developed the…

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  • Essay On Diesel Mechanics

    American Driving Forces Often times in our society a numerous amount of jobs are overlooked. We tend to only look towards those hot shot individuals like doctors, lawyers, dentists etc., and consequently we end up leaving others behind. Others that perhaps in the eyes of our critical society appear unimportant, or insignificant. Among that group of outcasts are diesel mechanics. Diesel mechanics are the driving force behind corporate America. They allow for commercial trucks to remain in a good…

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  • Halford J. Mackinder's Influence On Nazi Germany

    It can be noted that the geopolitical theories of Halford J. Mackinder influenced Karl Haushofer’s investigations of Mackinder’s “heartland” theory and other studies that Nazi Germany would later employ in their political campaign from the 1930’s until 1945. Mackinder’s “heartland” theory suggests that parts of eastern Europe and Asia make up for a continental piece of land known as the “heartland”, which after examination and study, Mackinder was convinced that it provided that most national…

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  • Compare And Contrast Ida And Heda In Persepolis

    Czechoslovakia was coming off the domination of the far right fascist party, and Heda and Rudolf were willing to be a part of the change and looked for communist reform. Heda was a little more conservative towards the Communist beliefs even though she knew change was needed. Rudolf however, was more hands on and went on to be elected by his peers in the process of changing over into Communist rule (Kovály 85). Heda was reluctant for him to take the job, and Rudolf had to travel much more and…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In Diesel Engines

    Diesel technicians are frequently the highest paid on a dealership lane, and get paid just as much if not more than most computer programming jobs as well as much more. Diesel engines contribute to about 52% of the vehicles on the road today and that number is only expected to go up. As the amount of diesel vehicles go up, the demand for technicians to work on them will raise as well. Not only do diesel engines interest me, but engines in general. So the time for me to pursue my career is…

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  • Benefits Of A Diesel Mechanic

    Introduction: I have always wanted to be a diesle mechanic since I was 16 years old. This paper talks about what the salary and benefits and what the different pay is for different states.My paper also talks about how high the demand for a diesle mechnc can be and how bad they are needed. I will also talk about my job shadow that I did and what went on on while I did my job shadow . Salary and benefits The salary and benefits in diesel mechanic are different from where you live. The wages for a…

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