Flammable liquid

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  • Chicago Fire Department Incident Analysis

    Large quantities can be found in bulk storage containers or transport vehicles on any street or interstate. Gasoline is a hydrocarbon fuel with a very low flash point and is easily ignitable. Fires involving gasoline are unique because they cannot be extinguished by water alone. “The ability of water without additives (foaming agents) to put out a fire is limited on low-flash-point flammable liquids” (Cote & Bugbee, 1988, p.168). The reason that water alone cannot be used on flammable liquid fires with low flash points is that the water will probably sink to the bottom of the fuel. If the fire was contained in a tank, the water would sink and cause the fuel to rise in the container and overflow. Cote & Bugbee (1988) also tell us that “in case of a spill fire, water probably will cause the fire to spread”…

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  • The Melting Point Of Urea And Trans-Cinnamic Acids

    The melting point of a substance is best described as the temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid (Bruice 2014). On the molecular level, when a compound melts the forces between the molecules become weaker. This is because when a substances heats up the kinetic energy between the molecules increase causing the molecules to vibrate. When the vibrations become strong enough for the molecules to move around and pass other molecules, the compound that is being heated up starts to melt and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Ice Skating

    a complex case. In Chemistry, we generally refer to three states of matter when trying to describe a substance; solid, liquid, and gas. Each of these three states of matter has their own properties and behaviors.…

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  • Oil And Water Two Faiths: One God: An Analysis

    Oil and water are two different concepts that are believed to not mix. Normally, when pouring oil into water or vice versa, the two separates instead of mixing. However, when they do mix, both oil and water complement each other. The concept of the three main religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, can be explained through the idea of oil and water. When these religions mix, they create something special. Each religion has two different ways of viewing God even though it is the same God. In…

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  • Essay On John Snow's Map

    In 1854, Dr. John Snow, devised a map of the London Cholera outbreak. He was known to be one of the founding fathers of epidemiology. During that time period, many civilians were dying quickly and rapidly from Cholera (Frerichs). Dr. John Snow suspected the containment was coming from a well known area like a water pump. Snow obtained data of where the individuals lived and the location of the water pumps and mapped the outcome (Frerichs). The map has many different aspects.First, I will…

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  • Life Taker Of Souls: A Short Story

    ….. Of Life, Taker of Souls People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, if only they that really meant. If someone is lying, looking a person in they eye will allow to to see right through them. If a person is hurt, sad, or even heart broken, all you have to do is make eye contact to know what they are feeling. The same is for people who are are in love, happy, and glad. The eyes show and see all. But this is only a small part of what I can see when I look someone in the eyes.…

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  • Flakiness And Elongation Index Essay

    ABSTRACT Flakiness & Elongation index is one of the most prominent criteria that govern behavior and performance of aggregate in the bituminous mixes. The strength and serviceability requirements of bituminous mixture such as Stability, Flow, Voids in Total mix (VTM), Voids Filled with Bitumen and (VFB) highly depend on the physical properties of aggregates. This study conducted by observing the effect of flakiness & elongated index by adding different percentages from 0% to 50% of flaky &…

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  • Polyfibron Offset Press Blanket Case Study

    demand. It is expected that the growth of the Polyfibron offset press blanket market increase as the growth trend of magazines and newspaper sales in the US. For that reason, the expected US market growth will be as much as 4% yearly for the next 5 years. Social Factors: Media Involvement The blanket market is an oligopoly, where 5 main competitors have a market share of 95% of the market in US. It is possible that, even there is no information related, social factors as media involvement…

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  • Benefits Of Vacuum Vained Infusion Process

    Determination of the gel-point of a resin via DMA testing and its use in a practical sense The DMA is used to determine the modulus values of the resin to associated temperatures and frequencies. The state of viscosity of the resin is also monitored through the evaluation of tan delta values. Gel-point of a resin implies that resin matrix has transformed into an elastic gel state and can no longer flow. The viscosity shows a sudden rise to extremely high values. The time at which this state is…

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  • Osmotic Respiration Lab Report

    Where M.R is the moisture loss ratio, M_0 is the initial moisture content, M_t is the moisture content at time t, M_e is the equilibrium moisture content, t is time (minutes), and a, b, c, and k are constants. For the effectiveness of diffusivity, Fick’s equation was used (5) to estimate the dehydration kinetic of different osmotic conditions. M.R=((M_t-M_e)/(M_0-M_e ))=〖8/π^2 e〗^((-(π^2 Dt)/(4L^2 )) ) …(5) Where D is the effective diffusivity, and L is the length of the (cubical) sample.…

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