Melting Water Hypothesis

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Investigative Question
Does sugar or salt effect the freezing point and period of time that water takes to freeze?
If you add either sugar or salt to water it will affect the freezing point of the water and will therefor take longer to freeze.
The aim of the project is to prove whether or not adding sugar and salt to water will affect the freezing point of the water and will therefor take longer to freeze.
Independent Variables: the independent variables are the amount of salt and sugar added to the solution.
Dependant Variables: the dependent variable is how long the solution takes to freeze
Controlled Variables: the controlled variables are the temperature in the freezer which remains constant and the amount of
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When this happens the water molecules web together and the water becomes ice. The reason the salt and sugar lowers the freezing point and the water takes longer to freeze is because the salt or sugar molecules interfere with the attraction between the water molecules and therefore interfere with the webbing of the water molecules which prevents the water from turning into ice, when the water temperature lowers even further it eventually reaches a temperature where the water molecules slow down so much that the molecules are able to become a solid even with the presence of salt or sugar.
What will freeze faster water, sugar water or salt water?
The plain water will freeze the fastest because there is nothing interfering the freezing process. The sugar water will freeze next and the salt water will be the last to freeze.

Why does the sugar water freeze faster than the salt water?
The reason sugar water freezes faster than salt water is because the salt water has a higher hydration than the sugar water so it takes the salt water longer to freeze.

• Ice Tray
• Measuring
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Looking at the back-round research, it appeared that both the sugar and salt would affect the water. Furthermore, the salt would affect the water even more than the sugar would and would take longer to freeze.
The reason this happened is because the salt and sugar disrupted the webbing between the water molecules which is necessary for the freezing process to begin.
When you look at the results of the experiment you can see that the research was correct and that the salt water and sugar water took longer to freeze and thus changed the freezing point and time the water took to freeze.
In all three repetitions of the experiment, tap water frozen first with distilled water a close second. In the same time that took the tap and distilled water to freeze, the sugar water was only half frozen and the salt water was only beginning to freeze.
The sugar water froze faster than the salt water and on observation, the more sugar present in the water the faster the water started to freeze. The final result for the sugar water was more a “slushy” consistence than frozen

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