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  • The Boiling Point 2-Hexaanol And 3-Methyl-1-Hexanone

    The boiling point of an organic compound determines its structural features and physical properties of the compound, which helps us to name the characteristics. Boiling point defined as the “temperature at which the vapour pressure of the liquid is the same as the pressure of the atmosphere on the liquid surface”. (Mahaffy, P, Bucat, B, Tasker, R, Kotz, J, Treichel, P, Weaver, G, McMurry, J 2011). The boiling point 1-hexanol, 2-hexanone, 1-pentanol and 3-methyl-1-butanol are represented in the chart above as they are approximately; 157ºC, 127.6ºC , between 137 to 139ºC and 131.1ºC respectively. The difference in the general trends of the molecules affects on the boiling point; the molecular surface area of the compound influence by the strength…

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  • Water Distillation Essay

    2.3.1 MAJOR PROCESSES THERMAL PROCESSES (DISTILLATION) Around half of the world’s desalted water is produced with heat to distill freshwater from seawater. The process of distillation mimics the natural water cycle in that saline water is heated, producing water vapor that condensed to form freshwater. In an industrial plant or laboratory, water is heated to reach the boiling point to produce the maximum water vapor amount. To make it economically in a desalination plant, the…

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  • John Lewis Marketing Strategy

    Granted, the boiled water doesn't taste any different if it was boiled by a cheaper kettle, in fact the litre capacity of 1.5 is significantly inferior to the standard measure of 1.7; albeit, who uses every drop every boil - granted, there's a valid point of eco-friendliness with the artisan kettle though. I guess, the overall gauge is knowing what kind of boiling water experience you want and can afford. My version is white, the red would needlessly shout at me in an ambiance soft lit kitchen…

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  • Summary Of Consider The Lobster By David Foster Wallace

    He accomplishes this rhetorically through making logical arguments that show a possibility of lobsters feeling pain, and counter local rebuttals that propose false premises about the nature of lobsters. And adds his own emotional appeals in his own experiences with boiling lobster and experiencing the festival. While diving into reasoning on both sides of the argument Wallace makes logical arguments to reveal the possibility for lobsters experiencing excruciating pain. At the same time, he pulls…

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  • Analysis Of Consider The Lobster By David Wallace

    Wallace wants us to see. That boat is simple; it is in no way right to slowly boil a living creature just so we can consume it later. I don’t see how there are no protests or any questions raised for other animals like pigs, cows, lamb, bison, and other animals who are basically slaughtered for our mouths to consume. Wallace’s whole purpose was to get his audience to stop and think about what is really going on with the food we eat. Wallace calls animal-cruelty-and-eating issue not just complex…

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  • Lasagna And Shepherd's Pie Essay

    a smooth ball. Wrap up the dough and allow it to sit for about a half hour. After allowing the dough to process, you now need to create the noodle. Roll out the dough until it becomes about 1/8-inch-thick. Then cut the sheet into pieces that are 12 inches long and 3 inches in width. Bring water to a boil as you’re doing this step. Place the cut strips into the pot of boiling water. Precook the noodles in appropriate sized batches so that they do not stick to one another. Allow the noodles to…

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  • Reflective Essay: Four Classes In Four Years

    something that I also disliked. The class was full of students who made it impossible to learn in that class. Rowdy, disobedient and horrible, and that’s a huge understatement. Maybe three or four wanted to actually learn how to prepared full dishes (myself included), but it seemed like the rest were there just to mess around and destroy the instructor’s confidence. So here I am, a few days before Thanksgiving, ready to make mashed potatoes, turkey, and any other common Thanksgiving dish, when…

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  • Essay On Drinking Horn

    you have a horn that is already cored (already hollowed), then you can skip to the next step (Cleaning the Horn). Boil the horn for 5 to 7 hours, depending on thickness and size. The time needed to boil will vary, so don 't forget to keep checking on it. Just as one cow is different from the other, so are their horns. boiling horn Make sure horn is completely submerged in boiling water Make sure the horn is completely submerged in water when you boil it. Be sure to put something on the…

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  • Devin And Truffle-Personal Narrative

    He then started worrying about his dog when he heard a yell from a distance. He ran towards that voice and saw a group of people surrounding a body on the ground. He got closer to get a better look, but then he realized that it was his beloved friend, Truffle. His co-worker told him that he had many major burns in his mouth from the boiling water, and third degree burns on his body from the fire. He was also too fatigued to even breath. Devin started screaming and bawling on Truffle’s corpse, he…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour

    Ah! I heard the excited screams of thousands of people. We all had one thing in common. We were waiting for my favorite artist to strut onto the stage wearing a pair of silver, glittery shoes with her short blonde hair and white sunglasses. Can you guess who we were about to see? Yes! We were at Soldier Field about to see Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour. On July 18th it was a sweltering 96° F with a dramatic heat index making it feel as if it was over 107° F. It had been raining on and…

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