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  • Density Of Soda Experiment

    Introduction and Theory: The lab conducted was to investigate the density of not only copper but also diet and non-diet soda. Techniques used in the experiment included water-displacement, measuring copper’s dimensions, and using volumetric pipettes to measure out specific soda volumes. Beginning Question(s): How does the use of two experimental methods, improve the chances of calculating the density of copper? How does the density of non-diet soda compare to that of diet soda measured at different volumes? Safety Statement: In both labs, students need to handle the volumetric pipettes, balance scales, and glass equipment carefully. Any glass equipment shall be properly disposed of in its glass disposal can. The soda needs to…

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  • Density Experiment

    Experiment 1 Density By Jessica Schmidt Chem 112L-S23- Athukoralage Gunawardana September 20, 2016 Erin Whitehouse The first part of the experiment consisted of finding the accuracy and precision of three different measuring devices, a 50mL beaker, a 25mL graduated cylinder and a 25mL pipette. The mean volumes and uncertainties were found to be 22.5mL 1.9, 23.72 .25, and 24.89 .43, respectfully. The 25mL pipette was found to be the most accurate out of the three. The density of water was…

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  • Density Lab

    Objective- Our goal for this lab was to calculate the Density of a substance. We needed to make sure we had the materials to find mass and volume and then use a formula to calculate density. Introduction- The main principle of this experiment was to figure out the Density of certain objectives given to us in the lab. We had to know the the formula D-M/V in order to find the density of that object.We also needed to know the density of water(1.0 g/l) in order to predict if something would float…

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  • The Relationship Between Mineral Type And Density

    The Relationship between Mineral Type and Density (g/ml) Purpose/Introduction: The purpose of this lab was to understand the relationship between minerals and density, the ratio of mass to volume, particularly, how density can be used to identify mineral type. In the lab, two samples of the mineral, feldspar, were measured for mass and volume in order to calculate their density. Many of the mineral tests yielded qualitative data, such as color, streak, luster, and crystal shape, which can be…

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  • Affecting The Density Of Sugar In A Copper And Diet Coke

    Prior to the lab, I proposed three questions in regards to density. The first question inquired which method of density calculation would be the most accurate. The second question asked if the sugar in the soda had an effect on its density. The third question stated what affect the varying size and shape of the copper pieces had on their density. These questions were explored in the experiment and some interesting conclusions were made at the end. In the first half of the experiment, the density…

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  • Washington D. C Population Density Map

    This map of population density map of Washington D.C. allows us to directly see the areas of the city that are more populated, in the core, and the areas that are less populated, along the periphery. Unlike the most common maps of the city of Washington D.C., we can see more than just town names and highways. From the map we can see where people are living, and the roads and highways all lead to this centered dense population. This paper will not only describe this map of Washington D.C. and…

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  • Volumetric Pipette Lab

    Aim The aim of this practical is to measure the effect of volume, density and temperature. It is also help to be familiar with variety of common laboratory technique. Materials Weighting scale Container with lids 20 and 10 ml Volumetric pipette Beaker Thermometer Test Tubes Volumetric flask Natural Rubber Pipette Filler Micropipette tips Tips boxes Method There are two pipette, choose one which you using in whole practical. Label and weight accurately, to 4 decimal places. Collect…

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  • Atmospheric Pressure Lab Report

    By examining Figure 4, we can see the relationship between density and molar mass to be a proportional relationship. The positive slope of the scatter plot confirms this relationship. This means that as molar mass of is greater, the density of the gas will also be greater, and if the molar mass of a gas is smaller, the density of the gas will be smaller. For example, hydrogen gas will have a lower density than nitrogen gas because hydrogen has a smaller molar mass than nitrogen. Conclusions In…

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  • Volumetric Pipette Lab Report

    to performing any measurements or calculations in the lab, it was originally hypothesized that the 10 mL volumetric pipette would be the most precise and most accurate instrument, while the 10mL graduated cylinder would be the least precise and least accurate instrument. Sample Calculation: For the 10 mL volumetric pipette, three weight of water measurements were taken by first weighing a beaker on the scale, measuring 10 mL of water with a volumetric pipette, putting the measured amount of…

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  • Injection Machine Analysis

    4.6 The Selection of the Injection Machine 4.6.1 Calculation of the Injection Volume Figure 4-8 shows the volume of plastic parts by Solidworks modeling. Figure 4-8 Volume of the Stress Cone Plastic parts volume: Vplastic = 4.198 × 10-5 m3 = 41.98 cm3 Plastic parts density: ρ = 1.2 g/cm3 Plastic parts quality: mplastic = ρVplastic = 1.2 × 41.98 = 50.376 g 4.6.2 Preliminary Estimation of the Gating System Although the gating system of condensate cannot determine the exact value prior…

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