Italian Wars

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  • Siege Weapons Tactics

    In the ones of L.F. Taylor, author of The Art of War in Italy, “the foot soldier succeeded to the international position which had been held by the mailed knight.” Given how radical this statement is, it should not be surprising that not all societies were on board with this new kind of thinking. The French still relented their soldiers early on after the Battle of Cerignola. An example of this is during the Siege of Padua in 1509 when a chronicler at the time recorded how the French captains trembled at the thought of putting the nobles alongside the foot soldiers in battle. It should be quickly noted here, that most of these common soldiers were simple peasants, most of which who were properly more concerned, (like the Japanese Peasants), in returning home to maintain their harvest, of which…

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  • Reflective Essay: Knowing Difference Of The History

    Mexican, Greek, Egyptian or even Multicultural history that knowing your values from your own culture and from the culture that you live in. For me, I haven’t experienced any American history. I was born in Greece and I have experienced a lot in Greece about the Greek history. I have learned that Greek History from 800 B.C. – 500 B.C. which in that period was the ancient Greece with her poetry, the advanced art, technology and the most important the Greek political history like the…

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  • History Of Pizza Essay

    a while for the rest of the society to be on board with the idea that tomatoes were in fact harmless, but once they did Italian cuisine was changed forever (Demetri, p. 1). What most articles have in common is that pizza was truly made famous when King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples in 1889. The legend has it that after Italy unified in 1861 King Umberto I and Queen Margherita traveled Italy to take an inspection tour of her Italian Kingdom. The story says that the King and Queen…

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  • Victor Emmanuel's Influence On Italian Unification

    Many believe that Italy has not changed much in its history; it is a small country that has been exempt from many modern political affairs. However, a half-century long political and economic debacle known as “Risorgimento,” ‘The Resurgence,’ or simply the Italian Unification was one of the most important events in Italian history. It was successful in uniting the many independently controlled states into one unified kingdom known as Italy, and was influenced by many means including Camillo…

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  • Southern Italian Immigration Analysis

    Southern Italians, upon receiving political, cultural, and social discrimination and mistreatment in their own home nation sought out a better life in the United States beginning in the early 1860s after Italy 's unification. Spurned by their own government, they came to America hoping that life would turn around for them. Unfortunately, this would prove not to be the case because until the end of the Second World War Southern Italian immigrants would face extreme discrimination by the American…

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  • The Consequences Of Garibaldi

    They planned to recapture Nice and Savoy with no thought for the consequences. Cavour panicked, realising the catastrophic consequences of attempting to start a war with France could have. However news from Sicily about a rebellions occurring led to Garibaldi changing course. Garibaldi arrived in Sicily and moved up through the state acquiring more recruits and people joined his growing army. Soon Sicily was in the hands of Garibaldi and entirely under his control. He then headed north, towards…

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  • Italians And Their Untold Story Of Migration Analysis

    Italians and Their Untold Story of Migration Since the beginning of time and the early days of civilization for as long as we can go back into time there has always been higher powers that exert themselves with control over others. This supremacy over others constitutes to slavery and racism not only in our nation but the world as a whole from sea to sea throughout history. Slavery and racism has played a drastic part of our history as this practice preaches total control over…

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  • Bensonhurst Research Paper

    neighborhood’s cultural diversity can be attributed to the huge waves of immigrants, who remolded it with their values, ideals, and beliefs and developed the authenticity. During the early 20th century, a lot of Italians and Jews relocated to Bensonhurst. According to Foner’s “Transnationalism, Old and New: New York Immigrants,” former Italian and Jewish immigrants were compelled to come to America due to push and pull factors. They came in hopes of a better life for themselves and their…

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  • Risotto Research Paper

    favorite dish that my mom, strictly following her father’s recipe, would make. Today, risotto has become an innately Italian dish. In most Italian restaurants, you will find at least one type of risotto on the menu. Strangely, despite it’s inherent Italian-ness, rice and risotto are relatively new introductions to Italian cuisine. Rice has a long history of domestication in Asia and was not brought to Italy for several thousand years after being domesticated (P. Huang et al. 2012, X. Huang et…

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  • Italian-American Culture

    Italian-American Culture When most people hear the term Italian-American, they begin to think of the Godfather, Rocky, the mafia, or even Fonzie from Happy Days. But, Italian-America is much more than the characters portrayed in films. Italian-American culture is a culture that has evolved through history despite discrimination and hardships. While they faced prejudice at first, they are now seen as a monumental contributor to the immensely diverse culture of the United States of America known…

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